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Achievements of the New York PTA since Advocacy Timeline1897

  • 1897 National Congress of PTAs organized Feb. 17; New York organizes FIRST state congress.
  • 1898 First convention held; sex education before puberty stressed; inclusion of physical education in the public school curriculum encouraged. (see 1904, 1975)
  • 1899 Petition to Congress for national health bureau (14 years before creation of U.S. Public Health Service); evaluation of juvenile court and probation system. (see 1905, 1931, 1964, 1968)
  • 1900 Initiated legislation for protection of employed children. (see 1909, 1990)
  • 1903 Recognition of needs of handicapped children. (see 1986)
  • 1904 Child labor laws sought; booklet published on sex education.
  • 1905 Juvenile court and probation system endorsed by President T. Roosevelt in message to Congress.
  • 1909 Established committee to investigate child employment conditions.
  • 1910 Urged supervision of motion pictures and vaudeville. (see 1965, 1973)
  • 1911 Recommended that kindergarten be part of the public school system.
  • 1912 PTAs sponsored hot lunch projects in many schools (see 1941, 1946)
  • 1915 Advocated that schools provide education for motherhood and homemaking.
  • 1916 Urged the installation of automatic sprinklers in school buildings in addition to existing fire escapes.
  • 1926 Urged action to eliminate smoking by minors. (see 1964, 1966)
  • 1928 Bureau of Parent Education established.
  • 1931 Submitted to Commissioner of Education resolutions dealing with needs of exceptional children and need for separate juvenile courts and detention homes.
  • 1932 Nutrition project urged printed information on food values.
  • 1941 Inauguration of PTA's nationwide school lunch program.
  • 1946 Legislation enacted for permanent federal school lunch program.
  • 1959 Worked with U.S. Post Office to combat distribution of pornographic materials.
  • 1964 Educating youth on hazards of smoking became an ongoing project; held pilot conference on judicial concern for children in trouble. (see 1968)
  • 1965 Financial support of public schools, control of stimulant and depressant drugs, and moral responsibility of the mass media, all resolutions passed at convention.
  • 1966 Smoking and health project supported by Public Health Service.
  • 1968 Legislation enacted for juvenile delinquency prevention and control.
  • 1969 Child Protection and Toy Safety Act passed.
  • 1972 PTA amended Basic Policy to read: PTAs "...shall seek to participate in the decision-making process establishing school policy..." (see 1992)
  • 1973 Major effort to combat violence on TV begins. 1975 Comprehensive School Health Education Act, a PTA-sponsored bill, introduced in Congress.
  • 1978 PTA starts major education campaign to eliminate corporal punishment as a means of discipline in the schools. (see 1985)
  • 1980 Legislation prohibiting hazing passed.
  • 1983 Campaign against toxic art supplies in schools begins in New York.
  • 1984 Published first report on state aid to non-public schools and testified for public money for public schools. (see 1989)
  • 1985 Regents banned corporal punishment; New York achieved passage of legislation requiring school bus drivers to be screened for criminal history; State Legislature raised alcohol purchase age to 21.
  • 1986 Students completing Individual Education Plans granted right to receive diplomas.
  • 1987 Assumed administration of Parents As Reading Partners (PARP) program.
  • 1989 Opposition to tuition tax credits for non-public education and education tuition vouchers reaffirmed; opposition to non-public school choice established.
  • 1990 Child labor laws strengthened in New York.
  • 1991 Sponsored successful grassroots Education Cuts Don't Heal coalition; urged state financing of public education be increased and distributed equitably; discouraged use of standardized tests below grade three.
  • 1992 Parent involvement established as a PTA priority; Regents amend regulation 100.11 of Education Law to have parent representatives on school-based planning teams be selected by parent association(s); inclusion of school bus driver safety program in Education Law encouraged; State PTA membership reached 353,800, third largest in the nation.
  • 1994 Legislation enacted to require children under the age of 14 to wear helmets when riding bicycles.
  • 1995 Development and distribution of "Each One Reach One: Strategies for Involving a Diverse Community" program kit for multicultural and diversity education.
  • 1996 Youth member position reinstated on State Board of Directors; 100th Convention and celebration; First Golden Circle of Leadership Awards given; State PTA membership reached over 370,000 members.  
  • 1997 Purchased the building at One Wembley Square (now Court) and moved in May 17th.  
  • 1998 Formed the Urban Initiatives Task Force.  
  • 1999 Bylaws amended to allow executive director.  
  • 1999/2002 First collaborative booklet on Special Education done with NYSUT.  
  • 2000 "Focus on Fathers" membership award established.  
  • 2002 Districts renamed as "regions" and composition adjusted after lengthy study of Structure Committee; Phase Two of Growth Through Leadership Award initiated.  
  • 2003 ECB (Educational Conference Board) Rally for Education in Albany in March draws over 40,000.  
  • 2005 Bylaws amended to remove executive director.  
  • 2006 NYS PTA is awarded the "Go Green" State Award; first Virtual Lobby Day held. Successful advocacy of Board of Regents "Policy for Improving  Student Achievement and School Performance through Parent and Family Partnerships"; National PTA Phoebe Apperson Hearst winner from Taconic Region.  
  • 2007 Adopted the Regents Parent and Family Engagement Policy and Implementation Plan; First new unit in the Re-Vitalization of PTA in NYC; Introduced Advocacy Newsletter and Legislative Briefs...; Approved the Position Paper on Whole Child.  
  • 2008 First Minority Leaders Strand at Summer Leadership Conference; NYS PTA / PIRC Parent Involvement Summit; Launched New Website; Co-Sponsored the Go Green Environmental Education Conference; Developed the White Paper on Tax Caps.