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Advocacy - Hot Topics in Education

Educational Conference Board (ECB) Papers/Letters

The importance of Foundation Aid

The continued call for $2.0 billion increase in school aid

Support for necessary adjustments in the Tax Cap

Opposition to expansion of funding for charter schools

Support for Career and Technical Education

Opposition to education voucher-like programs

New York’s Students Need a Foundation for Success and Opportunity and associated Press Release

The Gap Elimination Adjustment in the New State Budget

Oppose Increased Financial Support for the Charter Industry

Support School Success in Raising Student Achievement

Looking for Information about Education Reform in New York State?

This year we have been very busy. The governor threw us a curve ball this year by tying the budget to education reform. In response to the governor’s proposal which included keeping the state aid runs hostage, NYS responded on our own and in partnership with the Educational Conference Board with:


  • The following is a response by the NYS Congress of Parents and Teachers (NYS PTA) to the six points described by Governor Cuomo in outlining the Commission’s charge. Click here to read the letter. Posted on 10/22/15
  • NYS PTA responses to questions posed to a NYSSBA Panel by Timothy Kremer, Executive Director of NYS School Boards Association, on October 19, 2015. Click here to read NYS PTA responses presented by Executive Administrator Rick Longhurst. Posted on 10/22/15
  • Educational Conference Board position statements on School Funding, Career and Technical Education and multiple Pathways to Graduation, Property Tax Caps, Immigration and English Language Learners and Challenges Associated with an Unplanned and Unanticipated Influx of Unaccompanied Minors.
  • ECB letters to Governor Cuomo requesting that Executive Budget State Aid detail be released. Click here for first letter. Click here to read the follow-up letter.
  • Letter of Response to the letter from the Governor’s Operations Director Jim Malatras and Regents Chancellor Merryl Tisch stating NYS PTA positions and raising numerous policy questions. Click here to read our letter of response.
  • Press release from coalition of numerous groups stating opposition to Education Investment Tax Credits.
  • Blog posts documenting development of education reform issues now under discussion. Click here to read the Voice of NYS PTA.
  • Testimony presented by Executive Administrator Rick Longhurst to the NYS Joint Legislative Committees as reaction to the Governor’s Executive proposals and reform agenda. Click here to read.
  • Letter to Governor Cuomo concerning his statement on failing teachers. Click here to read.