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Advocacy – Call for Parents for Review Committees

Standards Review Committee Update

NYSED has now finalized the selection of the 16 parents that will be participating in the first phase of the Standards Review Committees for ELA and for Mathematics. Click here to read the thank you letter that NYSED sent to us for coordinating this effort which also lists the different organizations that we connected with when marketing this opportunity. To read the letter that NYSED sent to the over 300 applicants that thanks them for applying for the committees, click here.

posted 5/23/16

Call for Parents to Review ELA and Mathematics Learning Standards

Beginning in spring 2016, the NYS Education Department (NYSED) will convene Mathematics and English Language Arts Standards Review Committees that will review the recommendations from the AIMHighNY survey, review the P-12 Common Core Learning Standards, and make any necessary revisions to the standards. These committees will be composed of New York State educators (P-16) and parents in order to ensure a comprehensive review. Therefore we would like to invite parents to apply to be on the Standards Review Committees.

To be considered for the Standards Review Committees, please review the information below, complete the online application, and mail the three required documents (found through the link below) to the State Education Department by April 14, 2016. You may apply for either the ELA or mathematics committee. 

All New York State parents who would like to review and provide feedback on the ELA or Mathematics learning standards are encouraged to apply. Parents who are selected will work directly with NYS educators to review the learning standards within a grade band or course and make recommendations for revisions. The committee will not review the grades 3-8 ELA and mathematics assessments; the focus of the work will be on the Learning Standards that are used to set the foundation of the content being taught in the classroom. In order to fully participate in the standards review, applicants should have a certain level of comfort with the content area and grade levels they wish to review.

Interested parents should apply through the process detailed below.

Applications will be collected and reviewed by the New York State PTA and the NYSED. Parents selected to serve on the committees will be notified by April 29. Tentatively, the committees will meet in-person and virtually (through phone or webinar) beginning in late spring 2016, and continuing until December 2016 (or beyond if necessary). An in-person meeting will be held in Albany July 11-15, 2016, so please confirm your availability before completing the application. Committee members will receive reimbursement for travel, meals, and lodging at the approved State rate. Please see the proposed timeline below for details on the review process.

SED Standards Committee Timeline Chart

Application Requirements

The online application link for parents is included below. The application must be completed in its entirety for an applicant to be considered.

The application must be completed no later than April 14, 2016. In addition to the online application, applicants will need to complete and send three documents to the address below. Applications will not be considered unless all required documents are postmarked by April 14, 2016. 

The required documents can be found below.

Member Information Sheet 

Conflict of Interest Statement 

Section A of the BFM-1/20 Addendum (as highlighted) 


Complete the Member Information Form and Conflict of Interest Disclosure Statement in their entirety. Complete the highlighted parts (section A) of the BFM-1/20 Addendum. We will contact the individuals chosen for this committee by April 29, 2016.

 In order to expedite the application process, we are requesting that all applicants fill out the three forms as part of their application. This will help us to begin the standards review work immediately after committee members are selected. The Member Information Sheet asks for standard contact information and the Conflict of Interest Statement is to ensure that applicants can be objective if selected to serve on the Standards Review Committees.

Those who serve on the Standards Review Committees will receive reimbursement for travel, meals, and lodging at the approved State rate. The BFM-1/20 Addendum is a standard reimbursement form used by the NYS Education Department. It must be filled out by any outside party (non-SED employee) who will receive compensation from our organization.  

Please mail the completed documents to:

Office of Curriculum and Instruction

Attn: Margaret Vogel-Nagengast

Room 318 EB 89

Washington Avenue

Albany, NY 12234

On the envelope, please note which committee (ELA or Math) you are applying to join.

Thank you for your interest in the Standards Review Committees. If you have any questions and/or concerns, please contact NYSED at (link sends e-mail) with “Standards Review Committee Question” in the subject line of the email.