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We are Looking for Leaders

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Advocating for our families and making every child’s potential a reality takes the passion of our volunteers.

Leaders at the state level rise from all corners of our state. With the dedication of local volunteers, the legacy of NYS PTA continues to thrive because of our unit, council and region PTAs.

Leaders are born, created and dedicated! Leaders are diverse, talented and as unique as the State of New York!

So if you’re interested in taking on a state level office, role, project or participating on a committee, say Yes to Leadership!

Complete this Letter of Interest form, it’s easy as 1-2-3!

Thank you for sharing your time and talents!

You can find out more about volunteering in this video:

You Can Become a Region Partner!

Region Partners of NYS PTA is an annual leadership program where volunteers from Regions can participate in official NYS PTA activities.

Region Partners volunteer to be hosts/greeters at NYS PTA events or participate on NYS PTA committees.

Applications are considered “active” for one year; a Region Partner must complete an application each year to remain in the program.

A Region Partner will only be asked to participate according to the interests indicated on the application and they may refuse any requested assignment.

Partners are invited to wear “Region Partner” ribbons at events honoring their service.

Please Note: NYS PTA cannot pay expenses for Region Partners to attend events.

Interested? Click here to fill out a quick application.

Thanks for your leadership!

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