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Membership - How to Become a Member

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There are three ways to get involved with PTA in New York:  

1. Join a local PTA Unit.  

If you know the PTA region you are in, send an email to the region director in your area. You can locate your region and region director information by clicking here.  

If you don't know your PTA region, send an email to the NYS PTA Membership Coordinator providing your contact information and location so that we can assist you, or call the New York State PTA office at 1-877-5NYSPTA.

If your neighborhood school has a PTA, you can join that PTA and automatically become a voting member of the New York State PTA and the National PTA. Each PTA sets its own dues. The amount of the dues is found in each local PTA's bylaws. Dues are tax-deductible. Telephone 1-877-5NYSPTA. (Or try the National PTA Locator Site)  


2. Join the Empire State PTSA

Interested individuals and businesses that do not have an affiliation with a particular PTA unit or area also have the opportunity to support PTA by joining the Empire State PTSA. The Empire State PTSA is a statewide association that allows individuals with an interest in PTA in New York to show support and to maintain contact with the New York State PTA.

By joining the Empire State PTA, each member:
pays $10.00 dues per year    
receives member privileges to the state convention (registration and  payment of registration fees are still required)
enjoys the benefits of the National PTA

To join Empire State PTSA, click here to join online or print a download a membership form to mail in. 

3. Organize a New PTA Unit  

To get more information on how to form a PTA or SEPTA (Special Education PTA) unit, simply send an email to the NYS PTA Outreach Coordinator. Please include your name, phone number, email address and the name of the school and school district in which you are interested in forming a PTA or SEPTA unit. The Outreach Chair will respond to your inquiry and assist you in getting started.

Thank you for your interest in PTA and all children; we look forward to welcoming you into our PTA family!