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Membership Benefit Grom Social

Dear Parents,

In today’s fast paced technology driven society our children use social media and the Internet more than ever to stay connected with each other and explore the world. Like it or not, we are raising a digital generation! As parents, we share the same concerns about how to keep our kids safe online, protect their privacy and monitor the content and people they are exposed to.

Did you know that The Federal Trade Commission enforces the Child Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA), which prohibits children under the age of 13 from registering for social media sites without parental approval? Recently in Europe, strict new data protection rules were approved. One of these new policies requires anyone under the age of 16 to obtain parental consent before using popular services like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram.

What if you were able to offer your child the ability to begin their digital citizenship and engage in a safe, monitored, social media environment that follows COPPA guidelines? A place where kids chat, connect with friends, play games, learn new things and have Fun while benefiting the our PTA at the same time. Sound too good to be true? Well, I am happy to tell you that it’s not. Welcome to the world of Grom Social!

Grom Social was created by 12 year old Zach Marks after learning about the dangers adult social media sites can present to kids. Zach envisioned a whole new world where kids could hang out, chat, make friends, play games and share ideas in a safe, protected environment. Grom Social was officially launched in November 2012 as the first and only “Social Networking site created By Kids For Kids”. The site has grown to over 3.5 million users in just over 3 years.

What makes Grom Social safe? The site features secure registration, parent approved access, a profanity filter and 24/7 live monitoring. The helpers are online 24/7 to assist your child, encourage Internet safety, no-bullying and healthy lifestyle choices. Most importantly, you as a parent have the ability to discreetly monitor your child’s activities by logging into the parent portal.

We are happy to partner with Grom Social, which offers our children the wonders of social networking in a safe and secure environment while supporting and contributing to our fundraising efforts. While the site is free for everyone to join, for less than $1 a week, you and your child can enjoy an enhanced VIP version of Grom with a portion of the monthly payment going directly back to support our ongoing fundraising efforts. In addition, Grom Social features a coin purchase program option for those members who do not wish to sign up for the Grom Club.

Some of the unique features being offered in the monthly Grom Club package are:
  • Toon Me – Custom interactive videos kids can share on their page or with friends.
  • GromAtar Options – Grom Club Members get exclusive GromAtar options and cool new accessories!
  • Grom Games – Unlimited access to our Premium pay-to-play games.
  • Grom Effects – Unlimited access to our Grom Effects studio to create artwork just like Photoshop, then save and share.
  • Grom Downloads – Free monthly Desktop/Mobile backgrounds/screen savers, animated gifts and more!
  • Live Chat – Chat with super kids and professional athletes during scheduled Grom Club chat parties.
  • Colab Lab – Collaborate with Zach and the Grom Team to create new features and artwork for Grom Social.
  • Grom TV – Unlimited access to our Premium pay-to-watch Grom Spot videos.
  • Grom Coins – Grom Club members have unlimited Grom Coins.

Non Grom Club package members can fundraise through the Grom Bank Coin Program by purchasing coin packages available separately.

It’s easy to get started; all you have to do is click on the dedicated PTA/GROM link and it will take you directly to the Grom Social website/PTA tab. Remember, the more parents who sign their children up for monthly Grom Club benefits, the more Grom Social contributes towards our state through this fundraising opportunity. Also, as an added bonus for signing up for the monthly Grom Club program, members are entitled to receive a 15% discount off merchandise from the Grom online store. If you are already an existing Grom Social member, please log in via the link below to receive all the benefits of a member.

Sign up today for this wonderful social media destination.