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Membership - What happens to the dues my unit pays to New York State PTA? 

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A portion of the money stays directly with the unit you joined, $1.75 goes to New York State PTA and $2.25 goes to National PTA.

State Dues:   

The state dues enable New York State PTA's Board of Directors, which is made up of volunteer PTA members, to plan and execute a statewide PTA program. For the units, councils, and regions, the state PTA:

  • Maintains the state office in Albany
  • Provides leadership training, workshops, conferences, schools of instruction, annual conventions, etc.
  • Provides leadership in the PTA regions and visits to PTAs by region directors and other members of the Board of Directors to assist in workshops, conferences, etc.
  • Finances representation of PTA at meetings of cooperating agencies
  • Promotes state and federal legislative activity affecting education, health, and safety of children and youth
  • Informs the membership of new issues and changing policies of governments and agencies
  • Prints educational material, including the NYS PTA Resource Guide
  • Publishes the state periodical New York Parent Teacher and newsletter "Fast Facts"
  • Publishes the Advocacy Newsbriefs (available online)
  • Develops publications and handbooks on issues affecting children and youth
  • Provides instruction to local volunteers so they can do effective PTA work
  • Reports activities in New York to the National PTA annually
  • Maintains the New York State PTA website at
  • Works with other school-related organizations to improve the education, health and welfare for New York's children
  • Co-chairs and participates as a member of the Educational Conference Board
  • Provides a network for common educational issues and support to local units
  • Sends representatives to meeting of the Board of Regents, and other groups

National Dues:   

The National dues enable the National PTA's Board of Directors, also volunteer PTA members, to plan and execute a Nationwide PTA program. For the units, councils, and states, the National PTA:
  • Maintains the national office in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Washington, DC
  • Maintains the National PTA web site at
  • Provides leadership training and field service at state and regional levels
  • Develops publications on issues and distributes them free or at a nominal cost
  • Provides program-planning kits
  • Conducts pilot and demonstration projects planned with the help of expert consultants
  • Initiates special projects that meet special emergency needs
If you would like a document to share with your members to show them what their dues provide, click here.

The Value of PTA in printable .pdf format