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New York State PTA

One Wembley Court
Albany, NY 12205
Phone: 518.452.8808
Toll Free: 1.877.569.7782
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NYS PTA Publications

PTA publications are comprised of written and printed materials that are accessible for reproducing in addition to websites that are maintained for current and revised information.  

Unit and council presidents receive many publications from the National and New York State PTAs; these materials are meant for all PTA members and should be shared with them. The publications include Our Children magazine and the Quick-Reference Guides from National PTA. The New York State PTA publications are written by volunteers and include the periodical New York Parent Teacher, “Fast Facts,” and the New York State PTA Resource Guide as well as Region PTA newsletters, state brochures, PTA position papers, informational mailings and other guidelines.  

The New York State PTA Resource Guide is available online here.  

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National PTA’s magazine Our Children has an Interactive Digital Edition...

National PTA’s magazine Our Children has just launched a digital edition that is interactive! You can share articles, links, videos, and information directly from your favorite parts of the magazine! Check it out here.