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2013-2014 Membership Theme is Announced


This year NYS PTA has a new membership theme! We have decided to make sure all current and prospective members know that when they become members and support the work of the  New York State PTA, they truly “Carry the Card that Counts”. It is our message that each and every membership card is more than just a piece of paper that represents having paid your membership dues. This little card shows that you have made a commitment of support and that you embrace the opportunity to advocate for your own children, their classmates, school districts, regions, states and for students across the nation. That little card allows each of our members the privilege to do so and lets them know that they are not alone in this endeavor. It truly is the ”Card that Counts”!              

Carry the Card that CountsThe logo consists of an adult holding the hand of a child while proudly brandishing their PTA membership card. The figures in the logo are purposely left without features, so that our members, both current and prospective, can see themselves in it and know that it doesn’t matter if you’re a mother, father, grandparent, aunt, uncle, teacher, or community member – when you become a member of PTA you can proudly hold up your card and show that you support our association, and that your support counts!              

We are encouraging each and every unit in New York State to use our theme and logo on any recruiting and promotional materials, and to work it in with their own membership plan. This theme is universal and can be made to fit in with a diverse set of individual unit needs. Units can use it to promote advocacy, unity, diversity, strength in numbers, community involvement…the list can go on and on.              

We truly feel that this theme embraces the values and goals of the New York State PTA and it is with great pride that we personally “Carry the Card that Counts”!

New Membership Theme for 2013-2014

Check out our new membership theme for 2013-2014, "Carry the Card that Counts". Click here for a flyer you can use in your membership campaigns. Click here for the Membership page.

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"Carry the Card that Counts" Logo (png) click here