The HOS Solution is a simple yet revolutionary program that redefines how to perceive and participate in fundraisers. No more selling unwanted or overpriced products and service. This entire program is built around a mentality of Win-Win. If someone buys a product or service, or joins a program, both the supporter and the school benefit.

The No-Cost Fundraiser

What if your school could earn a profit whenever school supporters did their regular shopping?


With Help Our School’s No-Cost Fundraiser, it can.

In fact, supporters can raise money for your school at no additional cost to them without leaving the comfort of their chairs. How cool is THAT?

Real talk: traditional fundraising is a drain on everyone involved. Fundraiser frustrations can be plenty. Collecting money and issuing receipts is a lot to handle. Then there’s a big shipment of goods you have to sort. And delivering those orders takes a lot of manpower.

Are you ready to experience freedom from ever having to face any of those hassles again? The No-Cost Fundraiser offers it.

HOS technology grabs the power of the multi-billion dollar e-commerce industry on behalf of your school. We set you up with a turnkey fundraising portal stocked with hundreds of thousands of products. Supporters then do their shopping via the portal instead of buying from big-box retailers.

ZERO UP-FRONT INVESTMENT – Our #1 priority is making schools successful. Our automated system does away with the need for the standard buy-in required by other fundraisers.
CUSTOM-BRANDED PORTAL – Your school logo and colors are displayed prominently as you can even have a custom URL if you choose.
FREE PROMOTIONAL MATERIALS – We’ll help you jump-start your efforts with print, email, and social media templates.
PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT STAFF – We get you up and running, then assist you as much as needed along the way.
THE MILES DON’T MATTER– Geography isn’t an issue. Whether your supporters live around town or across the country, they can help your school meet its goals.
PERPETUAL FUNDRAISING PLATFORM – Your fundraising portal is active 24/7 for the duration of your fundraiser (year-round if you’d like)!
DON’T SWEAT THE PAPER TRAIL – We track every order, issue customer receipts, and get payouts to you promptly.
FAMILIAR BRANDS, RELIABLE QUALITY – Supporters are buying the products they already use, and the pricing is the same as (or less than) big box retailers.


Help Our School fundraisers come with end-to-end support. If you have questions for us, you can find a contact form right here. If you’re ready to get started, fill out this form and you’ll be on your way to the best fundraiser you’ve ever staged.

Perpetual fundraising made simple. Get Started NOW!

Membership Savings Program

With Help Our School, the future of fundraising fits in your pocket.


We have over 350K nationwide retailers in our Membership Savings Program, and supporters have access to exclusive deals with all of them. They score savings on everything from clothing to entertainment. And they get the reassurance of spending with favorite local and national brands.

The modest $20 membership fee nets an average annual savings of hundreds. Supporters have unlimited access to Membership Savings Program deals: They can use them repeatedly, no matter where they are in the U.S. Your supporters save and your school receives much-needed cash.

The Help Our School Membership Savings Program also connects supporters and their families to local businesses, promoting a stable economic base and fostering community relations.

We take great care of our schools by providing them with:

A personalized, easy-to-sell product
Straight 50% profit
The advantage of a year-round program
Free customized promotional materials
End-to-end fundraiser support

If you’re ready to get started, fill out this form and you’ll be on your way to the best fundraiser you’ve ever staged.

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