Advocacy Newsbriefs

Advocacy Newsbriefs is published monthly, except July and November.

Meet the NYS PTA Advocacy Team

Vice President and Advocacy Team Designated Officer: Antoinette Darden-Cintron

Education Coordinator: Amy Hysick

Special Education Specialist: Lissa Zukoff

Family Engagement Coordinator: Melissa Cancro

Legislation Coordinator: Sarah Henris

Resolutions Coordinator: Patrice Rachlin

Wellness Coordinator: Amany Messieha Dgheim

Environment Specialist: Mary Ann Carangelo

Juvenile Protection Specialist: Susan Fisher

Take Action With NYS PTA

NYS PTA is still taking action on key advocacy issues impacting children, youth and families. Click HERE to take action and sign up for advocacy alerts.

E-Cigarette Legislation: Senator Kemp Hannon, Chairman of the NYS Senate Standing Committee on Health, introduced legislation that would help protect minors from the dangers of electronic cigarettes. This legislation (S.8609) and (S.8610) would help to limit the use of these devices among minors through prevention and education. It would also establish sale to minors compliance checks, and eliminate enticing flavors that encourage young people. Read more HERE.


Blueprint to lower prescription drug costs: President Trump and his administration released a blueprint to lower drug prices and reduce out-of-pocket costs. Keep an eye on this as negotiations move forward to institute policy. Click HERE to read more.

Juvenile ProtectionImage result for raise the age ny

Raise the Age Law: Governor Andrew Cuomo has announced a team of social service and law enforcement experts that will evaluate state and local efforts to implement the Raise the Age Law. This Task Force is charged with reviewing and evaluating the implementation of this law at both the state and local levels. The governor states, “This expert Task Force is a significant step forward in our efforts to end recidivism in this state, as they oversee the implementation and effectiveness of the Raise the Age Law in order to help men and women contributing to our society free themselves of non-violent criminal convictions.” Read more HERE.


May Regents Meetings: The May 7 Regents meeting created multiple opportunities for parents and educators to provide feedback on Regents policies and regulations.  Topics included: student data privacy, Dignity for All Students Act (DASA) descriptions, Every Student Succeeds Act – NY Plan amendments, social emotional learning and mental health education.

To review the information, click HERE.

Special Education

The US Department of Education launched its new IDEA website. There are two tutorial videos available that will help users learn about site features HERE.

The Office of Civil Rights in the US Department of Education released the 2015-16 Civil Rights Data Collection report. It includes several new categories of data on Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) course taking. The report can be found HERE.

The data, which is self-reported by school districts, also includes incidents of criminal offenses in our nation’s public schools. The important report about school climate and safety can be found HERE.

Executive Functioning Study: A new study found that executive functioning difficulties may begin in young children as early as kindergarten.  These difficulties can significantly impact their learning abilities.  Additional information from the study can be found HERE.

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