[NYPT Fall 2018]

By Jacqueline Wilson, Bylaws Coordinator

As we begin another school year, it is important that all unit leaders review two important items that need attention.


  • Check your bylaws expiration date! In order for your unit to be in good standing, your unit’s bylaws must be current. This is extremely important when applying for awards on the national, state and region levels, or applying for grants and other recognitions.
  • The Bylaws Wizard is a simple, easy to follow process. The NYS PTA website has the necessary information to help you get started. You want to start the process at least 90 days prior to our bylaws’ expiration.
  • Form a committee to review the current bylaws to be sure that they are a document that still works for your unit or council. Your Region Bylaws Chairman can help you and answer any questions you may have.
  • Remember that bylaws MUST be approved at a general membership meeting with 30 days notice given, by a 2/3 vote of the members present and voting.


  • To compliment your bylaws, your unit or council should have a good set of working procedures. The NYS PTA Resource Guide, Section 7 gives you some sample procedures to use.Procedures can give specific details about the duties and activities of each of your officers, chairmen, committees and events. They cannot contradict your bylaws; however, they can help to explain things not listed in your bylaws.
  • For example, the bylaws provide you with the time of election of the nominating committee, what members need to be elected, when and how they need to report the slate of officers.
  • However, the committee process, exactly what the chairman does, and how the committee does their job, can be written out clearly in procedures. You never want to ask a person to take on a task or role without giving them information about exactly what it entails; this is the role of procedures.
  • Don’t have any procedures? Start with a committee of about 3-5 members who can work throughout the year to begin to write the procedures. Ask for input from committee chairs, officers and members. Take your time; this is a multi-year process. Keep everything in a loose-leaf notebook so that items can be easily added and edited.
  • All procedures must be approved by your executive board, by a 2/3 vote, or by a majority vote with prior notice. Unlike bylaws, procedures can be amended and changed at any executive board meeting.

Looking for more info about bylaws and procedures?

Check out NYS PTA webinars for local and region PTA leaders.

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Our last webinar was entitled “Bylaws and Procedures: Navigating the Way through Your PTA.”