By Lucille Vitale, Legislation Coordinator / Resolutions Coordinator

If you told me 20 years ago, when I started my PTA journey at East Lake Elementary School as Health and Wellness Chairman, that I would be advocating on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC and at our State Capitol in Albany, on important issues relating to our children, I wouldn’t have believed you.

“How can ‘just’ a mom, a registered nurse by profession, do such things? Who is going to listen to me?” Fast forward 20 years later and here I am, doing the exact things I never saw as possible.

Advocacy is, and always has been, the main purpose of PTA. It is what we are as an association and what we do best. And advocating for every child with one voice is how this mom gets the opportunity to go to our nation and state capitols and advocate for all our children.

On February 10-11, I will be in Albany for this year’s Legislative Summit, together with dedicated members ‘just’ like you from across the state, advocating on behalf of all our children.

Some of the issues we will be bringing to our elected legislators are:

I am sure at least one, if not all, of these topics resonates with you. They may be topics you are concerned with or may feel change is needed.

If you are joining us on our efforts and will be there for this year’s Summit, that is terrific and I look forward to meeting and advocating with you!

If you can’t join us in Albany, you can still advocate and send messages to your local politicians and state legislators.

Keep an eye on your email inbox for our Take Action Alerts on Tuesdays starting in February. You can quickly send messages to your state legislators about the issues you care about.

Please know none of us are ‘just’ a mom or dad, educator or student, grandparent or guardian or community member. We are a group of voices, loud voices, that fight each and every day for what is beneficial to all children.

Now ‘just’ how great is that?