By Mary Sotomayor, Marketing Specialist

[Spring 2018 NYPT]

Has your unit hosted a STEM night yet? We hosted one for our school and partnered with Mathnasium. I can’t say enough good things about Mathnasium.

First we went on to the National PTA website to find detailed information about running a STEM night, including flyers, letters to the principal, and promotional images.

Next we contacted Mathnasium. They were excited about working with our PTA.

Did I mention this was COMPLETLEY FREE!!

We were promoting STEM so we had some engineering and science experiments ready.

Mathnasium took care of the math portion by bringing activities like …

The Mathnasium Wheel for all grades (scaled to students’ ability levels), where students spin a wheel with math subjects on it to get a question to answer from the category the wheel lands on.

Addition Heads Up for K-2nd grade and Multiplication Heads Up for 3rd-5th grade. Two facing students hold cards with numbers up to their heads. The facilitator announces the sum or product, and the first player to determine the value of their card wins.

Sticky Note Fractions for 3rd-5th grade, where each student rolls two dice and decides which will be the numerator and which will be the denominator then writes the fraction on a sticky note and places it on a number line.

Mathnasium made learning math fun and showed the “M” in STEM in a way that kids could understand.

GREAT JOB Mathnasium! I am so happy our school benefitted from your sponsorship of this PTA event.