Posted May 8, 2017


Media Contacts:

Gracemarie Rozea, President
Kyle McCauley Belokopitsy, Esq., Executive Director
518-452-8808 (office)
518-817-3017 (cell)

May 8, 2017 (Albany) – NYS PTA is pleased that parents, families and educators will have another opportunity to comment and react to the second revised draft of the English Language Arts and Math standards.

“This process has been increasingly collaborative and we are happy that both the classroom teacher and parent voice is included in these revisions,” said Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA President. “We look forward to continued discussions, revisions and collaboration as stakeholders work with education officials to see ALL children are adequately supported.”

“NYS PTA will now begin the review of the revised standards and submit official comments by the June 2 deadline, however early indications suggest, in particular, positive movement in especially early learning areas and higher level standards,” offered Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director.

Catherine Romano, NYS PTA Education Coordinator added, “We hope parents, families and educators will read and review the revised standards and offer comments on the standards. The parent and teacher voice is critical to this process and we are glad that the Education Department is offering another opportunity for public comment and input.”