Posted January 3, 2017


January 3, 2017 (Albany) – NYS PTA is pleased to hear Governor Cuomo’s proposal for making college tuition-free for New York’s middle class families, improving access to public higher education and providing affordable education opportunities for families and students. Governor Cuomo’s recent announcement is a positive step towards supporting parents and students.

“Expanded access to higher education, at both SUNY and CUNY institutions, is critical for parents and students. Many families cannot afford the cost of sending their children to college, and we fully support programs that assist families with this often necessary cost.” NYS PTA President Gracemarie Rozea shared.

Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director added, “Whether college or career, we must do everything we can to support our students. It is exciting to see discussions of college affordability and more access and we look forward to working on this issue this session.”

NYS PTA is committed to making every child’s potential a reality and looks forward to working with the legislature and Governor to see that every child’s dream is achieved.