Alliance Partner Programs

NYS PTA’s Strategic Alliance Partners offer many programs and services for members!

Many also offer Member Benefits if you join NYS PTA!

School Photography Services

Alliance Partner - Lifetouch

Lifetouch is the official photographer of NYS PTA. Please contact your local Lifetouch representative to schedule a meeting.

Pick a Reading Partner

Read For My School for your PARP program!

Read for My School is one element to include in your PARP program.  NYS PTA has teamed up with RFMS so every school, library, organization can gain an economic advantage while running its own PARP program.

Read for My School offers an easy and fun way to raise funds while reading!  This innovative approach to school fundraising empowers you to promote school wide reading competitions!  Students can personalize their own donation page, track real-time reading progress against goals you manage, and share their achievements with friends and family to generate fundraising support. You can even customize your own leaderboard to drive hallway chatter and motivate children to your read-a-thon finish line! Read for My School provides these reading and fundraising services at NO COST for your organization to setup and NO COST for your student to participate!

School Safety

GoGuardian helps protect children online. GoGuardian software helps your child’s educators maximize the benefits of using technology in the classroom while helping minimize the risks associated with the internet. GoGuardian TeacherTM, helps educators better understand and respond to the child’s needs in real time.

Stop the Bleed is a nationwide campaign to empower individuals to act quickly and save lives. Any kit that is purchased with the code NYPTA1 will receive a 10% discount off the price of the order.

LifeVac: Join The 30,000+ Schools, Fire Stations, Police Departments and Homes That Already Have LifeVac. Strategically place units in the principal’s office, the physical education office, in the nurses office, and in the cafeteria. Easy as Place-Push-Pull. If you can use a plunger at home, you can save a life with LifeVac. NYS PTA Back to School Special Only $189.00 Including Free Shipping.

IntraLogic Solutions

Alliance Partner - MemberHub

Family Engagement and Unit Management

MemberHub is the Family Engagement Software for NYS PTA. Your unit has a free MemberHub account to engage your families in your school, while making unit management easier. Login and access information has been sent to all NYS PTA units – contact if you need your information!

Fundraising Opportunities

Most elementary school fundraisers are too much work for not enough profit. At Boosterthon, we provide a hassle-free fundraiser that raises schools a ton of money. And people actually LOVE it.

Chalkboard Rewards – Fundraising Done Right! Finally! A way for you to raise money for your school while making everyday online purchases. No Cost, No Risk, No Sales, etc.

Brighter Tomorrow Events Management is excited to have recently signed on as an Alliance Partnership with the New York State PTA. Our themed 5K fun runs have been designed as a turnkey fundraiser whereby all the PTA groups in your district (Elementary, Middle and High schools) join to host a community-wide event with the potential to raise $50k – $100k+!

The HOS Solution is a simple yet revolutionary program that redefines how to perceive and participate in fundraisers. No more selling unwanted or overpriced products and service. This entire program is built around a mentality of Win-Win. If someone buys a product or service, or joins a program, both the supporter and the school benefit.

Unit Management and Online Collections

Alliance Partner - MemberHub  MemberHub offers NYS PTA units free collection services, plus free family engagement and unit management software! Login and access information has been sent to all NYS PTA units – contact if you need your login information!


At Action for Healthy Kids, our grassroots effort have reached 30,000 schools and 1.5 million children nationwide. Our success stems from our approach of mobilizing school professionals, parents and communities to work together to promote healthy school foods, improved nutrition education, and comprehensive physical education that directly impact health and learning outcomes.

Goya-Move is an app that gets children off their applications on their cell phones and outside moving. Simply set an hourly and/or daily step goal, then block individual or all apps on their cell. Once they complete their step goal, their apps unlock.


AIM is the official NYS PTA insurance broker for NYS PTA units, councils and regions. AIM is available to answer any of your insurance related questions at any time.

Mental Health

Prepare U
is a multi-faceted experiential social emotional curriculum, developed by the Therapy Live team and endorsed by leading psychologists.