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Leadership Development Webinar Badges

Qualification Criteria:

Webinar Viewing: To become eligible for the prestigious LD Award, it’s all about tuning in! Watch a minimum of 6 webinars to kickstart your adventure.

Application of Knowledge: Show us your superpowers! Pick 6 webinars, apply the wisdom gained, and share how it’s shaping your unit or district.

Evaluation and Promotion:

Evaluation: We’re keeping tabs, so every step of your journey counts!

Promotion: Once you’re on the path to greatness, we’ll shout your achievements from the rooftops, backed by some cool marketing magic.

Badge System:

Badges Galore: Just for showing up to the first webinar, you automatically snag a badge!

Verification of Webinar Viewing:

Sherlock Mode: We’ll put your webinar knowledge to the test with specific questions during each session.

Email Confirmation: After each webinar, we’ll send you a thank-you email and a friendly reminder to answer the question. Your responses are your proof of viewing, and for each completed webinar and question, you earn a badge.

Completion and Recognition:

First Leg: Nail those 6 webinars and other criteria, and you’ve conquered the first leg of your LD Award journey!

Ultimate Prize: Reach for the stars and meet all criteria. We’ll reward your dedication with the prestigious LD Award pin, celebrating your remarkable commitment to leadership development within our organization.

Let’s make this leadership adventure unforgettable!  #LeadWithUs