What We Do

We are a committed group of researchers and educators whose goal is to get every child reading at grade level by the end of third grade.

How do we do it?  By bringing a combination of  proprietary technology called A2i and professional support for teachers to differentiate reading instruction using their existing materials

Our process is research based, proven in real classrooms, and our outcomes shatter the national average.

We make outcomes happen and we’re  revolutionizing literacy.  


Get Immediate Results

As our work has expanded across the United States, the importance of ensuring A2i benefits ALL students has only increased.

This graphic displays the percentage of students reading proficiently across two of our districts with high rates of free & reduced lunch eligibility (86%) and Hispanic students (95%). These students are closing the gap – averaging 15 months of growth during just 9 months of instruction.

In fact, at some of these schools the A2i outcomes are more than double their previous levels, where prior to A2i reading proficiently rates were as low as 16% according to state tests.

From Good To Great

By working with Learning Ovations, all children will continue to make progress.  Here are 4 successful schools across different states, that have supported advanced students to even better outcomes by partnering with Learning Ovations.


What Makes Us Different?

Research and practice sets us apart

Dr. Carol Connor, the lead researcher whose work proved instrumental in the A2i breakthrough understood there will always be external factors impinging on a child’s ability to achieve reading outcomes: poverty, book availability, homelessness, Internet access, broken homes, mobility, fear, two-career families. 

Irrespective of all environmental factors, our 15 years of work in this space and our remarkable outcomes show we can achieve over 90% of children reading at, or above, grade level by third grade’s end. Responding to Covid-19 is no different. We’ve brought children with below grade level language skills up to, and beyond, grade level.  We’ve dramatically reduced the need for interventions. 

And yet her research focused on what schools can do once a child walks through the kindergarten door. Yes, COVID 19 is the latest in a long journey of environmental slights preventing children from reading at grade level. But it’s a challenge we can solve together. 


How We Do It

Our A2i technology empowers teachers to be selective with data and make informed choices that impact outcomes.  

To meet the needs of all students, our goal is to shift pedagogy from a “1-size-fits-all” approach to true differentiation by providing small group recommendations based on four types of literacy instruction each student needs.