Is Your Child Ready For Next Year?

Despite heroic efforts by our educators, the disruption of our normal educational landscape over the last 18 months has caused more students learning gaps, and those gaps are larger than ever before. In addition, gaps are not always where we would expect them to be, based upon prior years’ experience. Students who have never struggled before are struggling now. There are wide-spread reports of an 80% increase in secondary failures! Elementary children are not as well prepared for their next grade level as they usually have been. Schools are beginning new programs, trying new educational techniques and technologies, to help address these challenges. 

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Right Reason Technologies has been helping students achieve for over 21 years through relationships with schools and school districts.  NYS PTA is pleased to announce that families can now directly help their students – This is a BRAND NEW program for NYS parents and families!

The new RightPath™ platform is a new family friendly platform, and for a reasonable fee only available to NYS PTA, families of students in grades 3-8 can choose Math, ELA, or both, and learning gaps be identified through a simple online assessment. Students will then receive specific learning activities to help master the specific portions of the curriculum that they struggle with.

In the same way, high school students can utilize core course diagnostics and receive targeted help. Students can work through the engaging, multi-media learning activities on their own, without the need for additional interpretation or tutoring.


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How Can Parents And Families Help?

Parents and families can contribute to the effort via a simple process which can automatically guide learning from on-demand assessment results. Our RightPath™ platform will provide the students with an individualized learning path for each student. This can be done for all secondary students in all their core courses and electives, and all children in grades 3-8 in Math & ELA. It enables the students to focus on the content they need to know and not on the content they have already mastered. Each student’s plan will be assigned to them automatically. Student progress can be monitored with mini-assessments built into each lesson. If desired, the reports can even be reviewed with educators in your district at a later date.


Who Can Be Helped?

Students in grades 3-12 have been receiving help from the RightPath™ platform for over 20 years!

School districts have been using the RightPath™ platform for years in programs such as:

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Elementary & Middle School Students

The educational disruption has been particularly hard for students in grades 3-8. A traditional curriculum is harder to adapt to a remote or hybrid modality at these grade levels. Fortunately, RightPath™ was designed specifically for use in either a hybrid or remote methodology from the very beginning.

Every student is unique and special. Students come to school each day with different strengths, challenges and assets. The days of the “one size fits all” education practice is no longer acceptable. The Learning Resources featured in RightPath™ provide individual instructional paths to support the individual needs of students. A robust library of hundreds of interactive and engaging lessons for grades 3-8 in both Math and ELA can be assigned automatically based upon the results of a simple diagnostic. Questions included in every lesson are used to easily monitor progress and seamlessly help the student gain proficiency or mastery at their own individual pace.

Secondary courses

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