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January 16 (Albany) – While the Executive Budget proposal contains positive elements, we are seriously concerned about the Executive’s school aid proposal.

NYS PTA, alongside the Educational Conference Board, recently called for at least a $1.5 million increase to maintain current services and programs in schools. The Executive Budget school aid proposal is much less than what is needed to adequately support our students and schools.

We do support many of the proposals such as pre-kindergarten, after school, recovery high schools, breakfast after the bell, early college high school expansion, and increased access to other early college programs. We also support continued prevention and treatment for heroin and opioid addiction and abuse. We also hope that family engagement can be supported at both the state and local levels.

“We will continue to review the budget proposals and legislation, and will offer further positions in the near future,” added Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA President. “We remain hopeful that policy makers will adequately support schools.”

Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director offered, “NYS PTA stands ready to work with the executive, legislature, and education department to see that our kids are sufficiently supported with the programs and services they deserve.”