Lobby Day

Virtual Lobby Day and Week 2017

Now is your time to take action on priority issues facing our children and families.

Send these four ACTION ALERTS to the Governor, your Assembly Member, and your Senator (click on the links below)

  • Support a $2 Billion Investment in Our Children
  • Support Career and Technical Education and Pathways to Success
  • Restrict and Ban Marketing of ECigarettes & ENDS to Children
  • Expand Prevention and Treatment for Heroin and Opioid Abuse

Use social media to share the NYS PTA message! Send one of the sample tweets to the Governor’s office, Senate and Assembly!

Sample Tweets to Governor Cuomo:

@NYGovCuomo please include Nolan/Ritchie #CTE bill in budget, so impt for our kids! @NYSPTA

#CTE great for kids, please include BOCES/SSA support in budget @NYGovCuomo

@NYGovCuomo please join @NYSPTA in calling for $2 bill investment in our children!

Thank you @NYGovCuomo for heroin opioids proposal in budget, @NYSPTA calls for $45 mil for prevention treatment

@NYSPTA calls for full ban of marketing e-cigs to kids, supports @NYGovCuomo e-cig proposal in budget

@NYSPTA calls for support for #ELL students, struggling schools in budget @NYGovCuomo

These messages can be shared with the NYS Senate or your Senator (add your Senator’s Twitter handle on the end of your tweet):

We need $2 bill investment in our kids, please join @NYSPTA making every child’s potential a reality (add twitter handle here)

@NYSPTA calls for $2 bil, $1.5 bil needed for current programs & services for kids @NYSenate @NYSenDems @IDC4NY

@NYSPTA supports Nolan/Ritchie CTE bill, thank you @NYSenate @NYSenDems @IDC4NY for supporting #CTE

@NYSPTA Glad to see support for heroin opioids treatment & prevention in budget @NYSenate @NYSenDems @IDC4NY

@NYSenate @NYSenDems @IDC4NY we must ban ALL marketing of e-cigs to our children @NYSPTA

Here is a list of all senators outside NYC who have a Twitter handle:


These messages can be sent to the NYS Assembly:

Thank you @NYSA_Majority @NYS_AM for your commitment to public schools, @NYSPTA calls for $2 bil for kids

@NYSPTA supports Nolan/Ritchie CTE bill, #CTE so impt for our kids @NYSA_Majority @NYS_AM

Support for K & PreK, afterschool, #ELL, struggling schools impt for @NYSPTA @NYSA_Majority @NYS_AM

@NYSPTA supports heroin opioids prevention treatment proposals and e-cig proposal in budget #wholechild @NYSA_Majority @NYS_AM

Share the NYS PTA Facebook message on your Facebook page, and retweet NYS PTA Twitter messages throughout the week.

Legislators pay attention to your social media messages and emails! Now is the time for your voice to be heard, so together we can make every child’s potential a reality!

Engaging grassroots members in PTA advocacy campaigns strengthens our chorus!

Although PTA advocacy is a year-round effort, March has been traditionally designated PTA Advocacy Month. In the preceding January, the Executive Office, i.e. the governor, presents the State of the State address and releases the Proposed Executive Budget for the upcoming year. Both houses of the NYS legislature have 8-10 weeks to react to the governor’s proposals. Senate and Assembly members either agree or propose adjusted funding allocations, but are not permitted to change language within the budget. The approved Executive Budget is due to the public on April 1.

During the negotiation period, members of the NYS PTA Board of Directors analyze the Executive Budget proposals and write a response. Read the NYS PTA’s 2017 Executive Budget analysis here.

All of the files linked above are in PDF format. If you do not have software to read this format, please click here to download the latest version of Acrobat Reader.