Advocate in Action Award


The Advocate in Action Award was created in 2007 to acknowledge the involvement of PTA members in their child’s education as well as in their PTA. Members can self-nominate, or can be presented with the award by their PTA.


Each applicant must be a PTA member who has participated in at least 8 of the 20 activities listed on the application. Activities range from attending PTA meetings regularly, to service as an officer or chair, to writing articles or letters to legislators, to speaking at a meeting of the Board of Education, to attending a parent-teacher conference. The unit president is not required to validate any of the statements of the applicant, other than to confirm that the applicant is a member of the PTA unit.


Completed Advocate in Action applications should be submitted to the unit president or region director, who signs it and sends it to the New York State PTA office on behalf of each applicant, describing how the award certificates should be returned. All applications must be submitted by the unit president or region director and must be accompanied by a completed Submission Form. Applications from individual members cannot be accepted. The application may be duplicated as necessary for additional applicants.

Personalized certificates are prepared for each applicant. These certificates, suitable for framing, contain the signature of the New York State PTA president, as well as providing a place for the unit president’s signature. The certificates can be emailed to the PTA president’s specified email address at no charge, or hard copies of the certificates can be mailed to one address for the nominal charge of $1 per certificate.

Applications may be submitted at any time throughout the year. Please allow 4-6 weeks for receipt of certificates.

Advocate in Action brochure (application)

Advocate in Action letter and submission form