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Parent Resources

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National PTA Statement on Shooting at Great Mills High School

It is urgent that we work together to enact bipartisan policy solutions and make meaningful changes to keep our children safe. Every student deserves to learn and grow in a safe environment. And no parent should fear for the safety of their child every time they leave home for school.

NYS PTA Supports a Parent’s Right to Make Educational Decisions for Their Children

NYS PTA reaffirms our support for a parent’s right to make educational decisions for their children.

Two Middle Schools in NY to Receive 2018 National PTA STEM + Families Tech Grants

National PTA and Microsoft partnered to empower families to support student success and fill a critical gap in STEM education with 2018 National PTA STEM + Families Tech Grants.

English Language Learners (ELL)

Are you looking for some information on English Language Learners (ELL)? Check out this page for more information… NYS PTA Resources English Language Learners (ELL) Brochure NYS Education Department NYS Education Department ELL/MLL Parent Guide NYS Education Department Office of…

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Family Engagement

Family Engagement is a critical strategy for ensuring students’ academic achievement, graduation from high school and overall success in life. In this regard, National PTA has adopted six Standards for Family-School Partnerships. These Standards provide a framework for strengthening Family Engagement programs, activities and policies.

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