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NYS PTA joins ECB and other education groups in call for $2.1B funding boost

Organizations outline funding needed to continue current educational services.

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National PTA Statement on Shooting at Saugus High School

The question our association must, once again, ask is, will our elected officials, including our president, continue to do nothing? We demand that Congress and the president act immediately in the best interest of our children, families and nation.

Say YES to Leadership

Say YES to Leadership!

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English Language Learners (ELL)

Are you looking for some information on English Language Learners (ELL)? Check out this page for more information… NYS PTA Resources English Language Learners (ELL) Brochure NYS Education Department NYS Education Department ELL/MLL Parent Guide NYS Education Department Office of…

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Family Engagement

Family Engagement is a critical strategy for ensuring students’ academic achievement, graduation from high school and overall success in life. In this regard, National PTA has adopted six Standards for Family-School Partnerships. These Standards provide a framework for strengthening Family Engagement programs, activities and policies.

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