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Ideas to Inspire Your Community

You may see social distancing as a challenge. We see it as an opportunity. An opportunity to reach more people in your community through different avenues. Yes, PTA’ing may look different this year, but now more than every we need to give people the chance for their voices to be heard. As a group, we have the ability to shape the “new norm”, whatever that may be!

This page offers you ideas on how to PTA in a virtual environment. From tips on how to run a meeting, to ideas on virtual events. Check this page often, as we will be updating it regularly.

Virtual Event Ideas
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  • Stories and Stuffed Animals – Have children make their own stuffed animal and stay on the line to hear a story. Stuffed animal kits can be found online.
  • Dance-a-Thon – Have community members get out those dancing shoes and have a virtual dance party!
  • Drive Thru Trick or Treating – Have the cars come to you (the PTA) so the children never have to leave the safety of their vehicles!
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest – Showcase the children’s artistic abilities virtually!
  • Bedtime Stories – Have faculty or community members share their favorite books!
  • Bingo – Deliver cards to participating families, and host the event online!
  • Ice Cream Social – Instead of scooping Ice Cream, hire an ice cream truck!
  • Drive In Movie Night – Either at school or a drive-in!
  • Paint Night – Check your local painting and pottery studios, as many are offering kits for home delivery. Schedule a night, set up a call, and paint away!
  • School Photographs – You may not be able to attend, but you can help organize!
  • Face Mask Fundraisers – Promote your school spirit and help your PTA at the same time. Masks can be sold online and mailed to recipients.
  • Chalk the Walk – Have families go outside and draw on their sidewalks and driveways. Take pictures and feature them on social media, on the school’s website, or during virtual meetings!
  • Restaurant Take Out Night – Restaurants are open, and need your support! Arrange for a take-out night with a portion of the sales going to your PTA!
  • Host Parent/Family Information Nights – Invite speakers on topics affecting students and families. Ideas: mental health speakers, speakers on health and wellness, special education support, adult wellness speakers, have a principal chat, etc.
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Resources for Virtual Meetings
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Creative Ideas

Check out some of these creative ideas!