Please download the Steps to Updating Bylaws document below and read the instructions carefully! You should also download the Bylaws Wizard Instructions below to use while completing the wizard.

All units and councils must have PTA bylaws under which they operate. The bylaws must be updated every 3 years to keep your unit or council in good standing with the State and National PTA. Bylaws are the backbone of your association.

Steps to Updating Bylaws

Unit Bylaws Wizard Instructions

Council Bylaws Wizard Instructions

Unit or Council Name Change Process

Notice of Automatic Bylaws Changes – July 2023


Where a unit or council has extra detail that cannot be added, or is not an option in the Bylaws Wizard, we encourage you to have written Procedures where the executive committee and executive board roles can be described in more detail than in your bylaws. Section 7 of the NYS PTA Resource Guide has a section containing very detailed procedures that your unit may use as a guide to help create your own procedure book.

Guidelines for Procedures

NYS PTA Bylaws

Bylaws form the legally binding document that governs an association.

Bylaws are designed to help a PTA group function in an orderly manner. The bylaws of the association include all the rules that the society considers so important that they (a) cannot be changed without previous notice and (b) cannot be suspended. Every member of an association board should have a copy of the bylaws and be familiar with them.

These are the current PTA bylaws as amended to conform to the National PTA bylaws. All previous copies are no longer in effect.

NYS PTA Bylaws

To Contact Your Region Bylaws Chair, Please Select the Chair Listed By Region From the List Below:

04 — Central Hudson: Jennifer McPhee (
05 — Suffolk: Megan Zarchy (
06 — Leatherstocking: Nick Gioppo (Acting) (
07 — Genesee Valley: Shevah Faber (Acting) (
10 — Nassau: Lynn Petrofsky (
11 — Niagara: David Steggles (
12 — Northeastern: Geri Lehane (
14 — South Central: Pat Assortato (Acting) (
15 — Southeastern: Val Ford (Acting) (
17 — Taconic: Nancy Hulton (
18 — Westchester-East Putnam: Joane Lasky (
19 — Western: Jill Patterson (Acting) (