Testimony, Letters & Positions

NYS PTA is the oldest child advocacy organization in our state and country,  and often presents positions on many policies and legislative issues affecting children and families.

Below you will find memoranda, testimony, letters, and other positions NYS PTA has taken over the past few years.

You can also read other Position Papers here.  Also see here for Press Releases on many issues of importance.

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NYS PTA letter to SED regarding Spring Assessments 3/19/2020


NYS PTA Education Budget Hearing Testimony  2/11/2020

Issue Briefs


Youth Flavored Tobacco Crisis- Need to Ban Flavored Tobacco in NYS – November 27, 2019

Testimony of Amany Messieha Dgheim, M.D. NYS PTA Wellness Coordinator to NYS Senate Standing Committees on Consumer Protection, Health and Education – November 4, 2019

NYS PTA strongly opposes the legalization of marijuana for recreational use, and opposes legislation that was recently amended in the Senate and Assembly [letter to Governor Cuomo and Legislative Leaders] – May 29, 2019

ECB: FIX THE PROPERTY TAX CAP – Support Adjustments for BOCES Capital and PILOTs – March 28, 2019

ECB: PUBLIC FUNDING FOR TRADITIONAL PUBLIC SCHOOLS – Reject Funding Increases for Nonpublic and Charter Schools – March 28, 2019

ECB: OPPOSE “Equity Plans” – State-Mandated School-Funding Redistribution – March 27, 2019

NYS PTA letter to Governor Cuomo, Senator Stewart Cousins and Speaker Heastie in opposition to marijuana legalization – March 26, 2019

Restorative practices improve school climate and offer an alternative to excluding students from school – February 22, 2019

NYS PTA Testifies Before Joint Budget Hearing – February 6, 2019


Tobacco Issues from Tobacco Free Kids Sign on Letter – November 28, 2018
Senator Schumer 
Representative Lowey

New York Grown Food for New York Kids Coalition Sign on Letter – November 20, 2018

NYS PTA Testimony on Mental Health and Physical Education – October 23, 2018

NYS PTA Commentary on ESSA Regulations – August 21, 2018

NYS PTA Letter to Chancellor Rosa and Commissioner Elia on Diplomas – February 21, 2018

NYS PTA’s Testimony at the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Education – January 31, 2018

Educational Conference Board – Urgent action necessary to support English Language Learners in New York’s schools – January 29, 2018

Educational Conference Board – New York’s students deserve full access to career and technical education (CTE) opportunities – January 25, 2018

Educational Conference Board End of Budget Memos (March 2018)

Reject 529 Plan Private School Vouchers

Expand Student Access to CTE

Reject School-Based Budget Reporting Mandates Memo FINAL

Reject Special Education Cost Shift

BOCES Facilities and the Property Tax Cap

OPPOSE the “Education Affordability” Tax Credit

Support Aid Forgiveness Memo

Prior Year Aid Claims Memo

Budget Positions (January 2018)

Support a $2 Billion Investment in our Children 

Support and Expand School Mental Health Programs

A Meaningful Diploma for ALL Students

No Student, No Child, Should Ever Go Hungry

Supports for Recovery High Schools, and the Prevention and Treatment of Heroin and Opioid Abuse

Career and Technical Education, a Proven Pathway to Success

Supporting English Language Learners and Their Families

Supporting Our Youngest Learners

Meaningful Family Engagement Matters

Protect Children From Tobacco and E-Cigarette Use


Educational Conference Board Medicaid Fact Sheet – December 15, 2017

Educational Conference Board letter to Congress on State and Local Tax Deduction Proposal – December 15, 2017

NYS PTA on Graduation Requirement Change – December 11, 2017

NYS PTA State Budget Priorities 2018-19 – December 8, 2017

Educational Conference Board School Aid Request – December 4, 2017

NYS PTA Urges No Vote on Constitutional Convention – October 25, 2017

NYS PTA’s Testimony before the NYS Assembly Education Committee on School Infrastructure and Facilities – October 19, 2017

NYS PTA on SUNY Charter Regulations – September 11, 2017

NYS PTA on ESSA waiver requests – September 8, 2017

E-Cigarettes Now Banned on School Grounds – August 2, 2017

NYS PTA commentary on ESSA draft – June 16, 2017

NYS PTA on today’s decision to reduce 3-8 standardized tests to two days – June 12, 2017

NYS PTA on NYSER, All NY Children Deserve a Sound Basic Education Plus More – May 30, 2017

NYS PTA Supports Raise the Age – May 28, 2017

NYS PTA supports a parent’s right to make educational decisions for their children – March 24, 2017

NYS PTA’s Testimony at the Joint Legislative Budget Hearing on Education – February 14, 2017

NYS PTA Letter on DeVos Nomination – January 25, 2017


NYS PTA’s Testimony before the NYS Assembly Education Committee Public Hearing – December 5, 2016

Educational Conference Board report calls for $2 billion increase for schools – December 2, 2016

NYS PTA’s Testimony before the New York State Joint Legislative Committee Hearings – January 27, 2016


NYS PTA’s Response to Governor Cuomo’s statement about failing teachers 

ECB’s Memo In Opposition to the Governor’s Program Bill- Parental Choice in Education Act

ECB Sends Second Letter to Governor to Release School Aid Runs

ECB Calls on Governor to Release School Aid Runs