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Membership Logo (full color) and Membership Logo (white)
Spanish Membership Logo (full color) and Spanish Membership Logo (white)

Business Sponsor Membership Certificate in Canva and Word and Sample Guidelines to create Procedures for Business Sponsors

check out “NEW” National PTA You Belong Campaign Graphics also available in Spanish

Membership Goal Thermometer:
Canva Template and PowerPoint Template

Play Video

Click the video to learn how to add membership items to your store!

The Family Plus+ Membership card will help you track how many additional family/ friend memberships you have gifted or recruited in the next few weeks. Your PTA units may have an incentive for the most memberships you add to your PTA family. We appreciate your support of PTA and wish you and yours a wonderful and special holiday season! 

Canva Templates

Customize your graphics to fit your PTA’s needs on Canva! Not sure how to use Canva? Check out this basic editing tutorial to get you started.

Helpful Flyers and Documents for your PTA!