Embrace Today, Shape Tomorrow

Thank you for joining us at the 124th NYS PTA Conference: Embrace Today, Shape Tomorrow!
We are excited to share content from Conference!

Check out the NEW Virtual Exhibit Hall Here!

Here are just a few reasons members attended Embrace Today, Shape Tomorrow: NYS PTA Conference 2020!

  • Virtually meet, network and develop relationships with others from all across NYS who love children as much as you do.
  • Vote for new state officers.
  • Determine resolutions long held by our association to be retained or updated, and vote on some new resolutions as well.
  • Hear from National PTA representatives and other keynote speakers.
  • Participate in motivating and informative workshop sessions on current issues, advocacy and leadership training that will help you develop programs, projects and activities in your local PTA.
  • Visit the Virtual Exhibit Hall.

As PTA members, we know how powerful mothers, fathers, grandparents and all caring adults can be when they join together to improve our schools. The Conference is the time for us to join together to learn from each other, celebrate our successes and build for the future. We encourage you to attend and to take advantage of all the opportunities available at our NYS PTA Conference 2020.

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Check out these Workshop Videos!

Workshop Presentations
  1. PARP Your Way! – Presentation
  2. Child Development 101: What Parents Need to Know to Promote Mental Health and Wellness- Presentation
  3. Membership Your Way – Advocating for Children – Presentation
  4. Raising Financially Literate Kids – Presentation
  5. See Through the Vapor: E-cigarettes and the Youth Vaping Epidemic – Presentation
  6. Getting Organized with Robert’s Rules – Presentation
  7. PTA President Survival Manual – Presentation
  8. A Parent’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19 Education – Presentation
  9. How to Host Virtual PTA Events Successfully Using Modern Technology – Presentation
  10. Conflict Support and Resolution – Presentation
  11. Parents, Teachers and Counselors: Working Together for the Needs of Your Child – Presentation
  12. How to Rally for Kids – Presentation
  13. Icebreakers and Team Building – Presentation
  14. Family Engagement Challenge: How to Include All Families in Your PTA – Presentation
  15. Looking Within for Leaders – Presentation
  16. Intersectionality: Discussions on Diversity, Privilege, and Identity – Presentation
  17. Challenging Times: How Can PTA Support You? – Presentation
  18. The “T” in PTA: Working as a Team During a Pandemic – Presentation
  19. MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics – Presentation
  20. MemberHub Store 2.0 – Presentation
  21. Back to School and Germ Prevention in the New Normal – Presentation
  22. PTA the Best Way – Presentation
  23. Every Child Healthy: Supporting Your Child’s Health and Wellness – Presentation
  24. YouTube Kids Digital Parenting – Presentation

2020 Pre-Convention Videos!