Workshop / Webinar Training Materials

Leadership Webinar Series

Family Engagement Conference 2019

Session A: Family Engagement and Millennial Parents (Carolyn L. Williams, Assistant in Research and Educational Services, NYSUT)

Session B: Engaging All Families (Jamie Rackl, Director of Family Engagement, Epic for Children)

Session C: Making it Work for Families of Students With Disabilities; Bridging the Gap Between Families and Professionals (Rob Muldoon, Program Director, Parent Network WNY)
Action Plan
PowerPoint Handout

Session D: Bridge Building for Every Child’s Success without Losing Your Mind (Kim Blasiak, NYS PTA Family Engagement Coordinator and Catherine Romano, NYS Family Engagement Coalition)

Summer Leadership Conference ’19 Workshop Materials

Session 102: 1st Year Presidents – Starting Your Leadership Journey (Lorey A. Zaman, NYS PTA President)

Session 104: Culture: Let the Force be With You (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 106: MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics of the Membership System (Sonya Verrillo, Genesee Valley Region Director)

Session 202: Shake it Up (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 203: Hometown Heroes Awards and a Journey for Literacy (Melissa Cancro, NYS PTA Programs Coordinator; Gail Gligora, NYS PTA Awards Specialist; Paige Pye, NYS PTA Literacy Specialist)

Session 204: Bylaws for Units and Councils (Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator)

Session 205: Ethical PTA Leadership (Jane Harsha, NYS PTA 1st Vice President)

Session 207: Be Meeting Ready with Parliamentary Procedures (Steven T. Anderson, Professional Registered Parliamentarian)

Session 307: Treasurer 1 and Why Your PTA Needs Insurance? (Elgin Allen, CEO, AIM Insurance; Neil Johanning, Past NYS PTA Treasurer)

Convention ’18 Workshop Materials

Session 105: Programs on the Go (Melissa Cancro, Programs Coordinator, Stephanie Avidon, Literacy Specialist, Alaina Rullo, Arts Specialist, Gail Gilgora, Awards Specialist)

Session 107: Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict and How to Rise Above It (Antoinette Darden-Cintron, Leadership Coordinator)

Session 108: Why Does Your PTA Need Insurance?

Session 201: Current Substance Abuse Trends and What Families and Educators Can Do to Affect Change (Susanne Smoller, Juvenile Protection Specialist)

Session 204: Resolutions: What the Heck Do I Do With Them? (Lisa Christoffel, Resolutions Coordinator)

Session 207: MemberHub to the Max for Unit Leaders (Dania Welch, Membership / Insurance Manager)

Session 306: Let’s Clear the Air: Understanding Wellness, Juvenile Protection, and Environment Advocacy and the Role of PTA Leaders (Amany Messieha Dgheim, Wellness Coordinator, Susanne Smoller Juvenile Protection Specialist and Sarah Henris, Environment Specialist)

Session 308: Why Some PTAs Make it to the Championships (Dana Platin, Vice President and Lucille Vitale, Legislation Coordinator)