Workshop / Webinar Training Materials

Leadership Webinar Series

Family Engagement Conference 2019

Session C: Making it Work for Families of Students With Disabilities; Bridging the Gap Between Families and Professionals (Rob Muldoon, Program Director, Parent Network WNY)
Action Plan
PowerPoint Handout

Summer Leadership Conference ’19 Workshop Materials

Session 102: 1st Year Presidents – Starting Your Leadership Journey (Lorey A. Zaman, NYS PTA President)

Session 104: Culture: Let the Force be With You (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 106: MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics of the Membership System (Sonya Verrillo, Genesee Valley Region Director)

Session 202: Shake it Up (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 203: Hometown Heroes Awards and a Journey for Literacy (Melissa Cancro, NYS PTA Programs Coordinator; Gail Gligora, NYS PTA Awards Specialist; Paige Pye, NYS PTA Literacy Specialist)

Session 204: Bylaws for Units and Councils (Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator)

Session 205: Ethical PTA Leadership (Jane Harsha, NYS PTA 1st Vice President)

Session 207: Be Meeting Ready with Parliamentary Procedures (Steven T. Anderson, Professional Registered Parliamentarian)

Session 307: Treasurer 1 and Why Your PTA Needs Insurance? (Elgin Allen, CEO, AIM Insurance; Neil Johanning, Past NYS PTA Treasurer)

Convention ’18 Workshop Materials

Session 105: Programs on the Go (Melissa Cancro, Programs Coordinator, Stephanie Avidon, Literacy Specialist, Alaina Rullo, Arts Specialist, Gail Gilgora, Awards Specialist)

Session 107: Dealing with Difficult People, Conflict and How to Rise Above It (Antoinette Darden-Cintron, Leadership Coordinator)

Session 108: Why Does Your PTA Need Insurance?

Session 201: Current Substance Abuse Trends and What Families and Educators Can Do to Affect Change (Susanne Smoller, Juvenile Protection Specialist)

Session 204: Resolutions: What the Heck Do I Do With Them? (Lisa Christoffel, Resolutions Coordinator)

Session 207: MemberHub to the Max for Unit Leaders (Dania Welch, Membership / Insurance Manager)

Session 306: Let’s Clear the Air: Understanding Wellness, Juvenile Protection, and Environment Advocacy and the Role of PTA Leaders (Amany Messieha Dgheim, Wellness Coordinator, Susanne Smoller Juvenile Protection Specialist and Sarah Henris, Environment Specialist)

Session 308: Why Some PTAs Make it to the Championships (Dana Platin, Vice President and Lucille Vitale, Legislation Coordinator)