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NYS PTA Leadership Information Packet- Back to School, August 2021


Due to COVID-19, Summer Leadership Conference was re-imagined for this year to a one-day, three-hour virtual conference, on Wednesday, July 21, 2021.

The schedule opened with a General Session – a presentation on General Child Wellness, three workshop sessions, a Virtual Exhibit Hall, and concluded with prizes!

SLC 2021 Workshop titles and descriptions here!

NYS PTA 124th Annual Conference 2020
  1. PARP Your Way! – Presentation
  2. Child Development 101: What Parents Need to Know to Promote Mental Health and Wellness- Presentation
  3. Membership Your Way – Advocating for Children – Presentation
  4. Raising Financially Literate Kids – Presentation
  5. See Through the Vapor: E-cigarettes and the Youth Vaping Epidemic – Presentation
  6. Getting Organized with Robert’s Rules – Presentation
  7. PTA President Survival Manual – Presentation
  8. A Parent’s Guide to Navigating COVID-19 Education – Presentation
  9. How to Host Virtual PTA Events Successfully Using Modern Technology – Presentation
  10. Conflict Support and Resolution – Presentation
  11. Parents, Teachers and Counselors: Working Together for the Needs of Your Child – Presentation
  12. How to Rally for Kids – Presentation
  13. Icebreakers and Team Building – Presentation
  14. Family Engagement Challenge: How to Include All Families in Your PTA – Presentation
  15. Looking Within for Leaders – Presentation
  16. Intersectionality: Discussions on Diversity, Privilege, and Identity – Presentation
  17. Challenging Times: How Can PTA Support You? – Presentation
  18. The “T” in PTA: Working as a Team During a Pandemic – Presentation
  19. MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics – Presentation
  20. MemberHub Store 2.0 – Presentation
  21. Back to School and Germ Prevention in the New Normal – Presentation
  22. PTA the Best Way – Presentation
  23. Every Child Healthy: Supporting Your Child’s Health and Wellness – Presentation
  24. YouTube Kids Digital Parenting – Presentation
  25. Support for the Whole Childe: A Focus on Student Mental Health – Presentation
  26. Courageous Conversations: Diversity and Inclusion – Presentation

NYS PTA/GoGuardian Mental Health Conference
mental health conference information

Session A: Mental Health and Wellness 101

Session C: How Does This Work? Mental Health & Your School Counselor

Convention 2019 Logo

NYS PTA 123rd Annual Convention 2019

Session 101: Robert’s Rules for Officers, Delegates, and other Experienced Users

Session 102: Finding Time for PTA

Session 103: Motivating Your Membership Base

Session 104: Informational Literacy

Session 105: Brainstorming Evolving and Recurring Child/
Youth Wellness Issues and the Tools New York State
PTA Provides Members to be Effective Advocates

Session 107: Don’t Be Scared; Be Prepared to Write a Resolution

Session 201: Love Your Budget

Session 301: How to Host a Legislation Event

Session 302: Change as An Opportunity for Growth

Session 303: Common (and some Uncommon) Unit & Council
Problems/Issues and How to Avoid Them

Session 307: Tech Toolkit: Free & Low-Cost Tools to Improve
Organizational Efficiency

Family Engagement Conference 2019

Session C: Making it Work for Families of Students With Disabilities; Bridging the Gap Between Families and Professionals (Rob Muldoon, Program Director, Parent Network WNY)
Action Plan
PowerPoint Handout

Summer Leadership Conference 2019

Session 102: 1st Year Presidents – Starting Your Leadership Journey (Lorey A. Zaman, NYS PTA President)

Session 104: Culture: Let the Force be With You (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 106: MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics of the Membership System (Sonya Verrillo, Genesee Valley Region Director)

Session 202: Shake it Up (Deborah Walsh, National PTA Service Manager)

Session 203: Hometown Heroes Awards and a Journey for Literacy (Melissa Cancro, NYS PTA Programs Coordinator; Gail Gligora, NYS PTA Awards Specialist; Paige Pye, NYS PTA Literacy Specialist)

Session 204: Bylaws for Units and Councils (Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator)

Session 205: Ethical PTA Leadership (Jane Harsha, NYS PTA 1st Vice President)

Session 207: Be Meeting Ready with Parliamentary Procedures (Steven T. Anderson, Professional Registered Parliamentarian)

Session 307: Treasurer 1 and Why Your PTA Needs Insurance? (Elgin Allen, CEO, AIM Insurance; Neil Johanning, Past NYS PTA Treasurer)