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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Position Paper (New)

Use of Student Assessment and It’s Impact on High Stakes Educational Decisions 

Guidelines for Selections of Textbooks and Other Educational Materials 

Opiate/Opioid Prevention, Intervention and Treatment

Prescription and Over-The-Counter Drug Use 

Family Engagement Training and Evaluation For Teachers and Administrators

NYS PTA on Graduation Changes 

Affirming LGBTQ Youth and Families

Assessment, Testing and Learning

Educating the Whole Child

Juvenile Justice in New York State (Updated)

Financial Literacy

Partners for Healthy Lifestyles

School District Requests for Financial Assistance

NYS PTA and Charter Schools

Early Childhood Education 

Children and Youth in Poverty: The Public School Responsibility 

Education of Students with Disabilities in the (LRE) Least Restrictive Environment 

Fundraising and the PTA 

Guidelines for Selection of Textbooks and Educational Materials

Integrating the Arts into Education