It is hard to believe this school year is almost over. Not sure about all of you, but it seems as though the time is flying by the older I get.

Newly engaged, with four children, a full-time career and my role as NYS PTA President, life continues to be very full. It is when we are so busy that change is low on our priority list. The status quo is so comforting that we often become complacent. We are just too busy to think about one more thing we will need to do differently in order to change something for the better. We convince ourselves that all is well just as it is. But is it…perhaps for today, but what about tomorrow?

I look around outside this time of year and everything is changing. The grass is starting to turn green and grow, the flowers are beginning to sprout, the trees are growing their leaves and the weather is always in constant flux-constant change, effortless on our part. I wonder though what our world would look like if everything outside remained the same. I think you would agree that in order for these plants to grow, they must change. This applies to us as well. I also believe as Albert Einstein said, “The world as we have created it is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

So that is the key. Changing our mindset must be the first step in creating the change we wish to see in our world. Great things have never come from the comfort zone. Great people do not either. Rather than looking at how easy and comfortable a life without change is, instead I challenge you to think about how great something or someone would be if a change took place. If each of us approaches the day with this lens, all our children will win. No doubt their future will look very differently from ours, but only if we keep up with the changing times. And the first place to look when wanting a change is within.

What if we changed our mindset, perhaps that is just what we need to make the changes that our future association’s leadership will one day look back on and wonder what our association would have looked like if we remained the same. Change Today, Embrace Tomorrow.