In reacting to today’s announcement by Governor Cuomo of plans to expand the state’s e-STOP laws in the upcoming Executive Budget, NYS PTA President Lorey A. Zaman offered, “We applaud the proposal to expand laws to prevent convicted sex offenders from using social media, dating apps, gaming apps, and other online apps and sites to further their abuse of children.”

“By mandating that convicted sex offenders affirmatively disclose screen names for such online activity, online behavior and actions of child predators will be curtailed while child safety is greatly expanded,” added Zaman.

The proposal would also make it a crime for convicted sex offenders to misrepresent themselves online, again furthering child safety.

“Since enactment of the original e-STOP laws, technology has vastly changed,” added Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director. “This child protection legislation will greatly help law enforcement, schools, families, and communities ensure the safety and security of our most precious resource – our children. Families, everyday, worry about the ever changing online environment, and we look forward to seeing bill language which addresses these very real problems.” As the oldest and one of the largest child advocacy organizations in NYS and in our county, NYS PTA continues to advocate for policies and practices that make every child’s potential a reality, while ensuring their continued safety.

Click here to download the press release [PDF].