NYS PTA opposes HPV mandate legislation, legislation has yet to move

January 8 (Albany) – In anticipation of this year’s legislative session, NYS PTA has issued its opposition to any executive order or legislation which would mandate the HPV vaccine be given to youth for school admittance, and/or bills which would allow youth to obtain the HPV vaccine without parental consent.

“Parents and families should continue to make informed decisions about vaccinations, including whether or not they will have their child or young adult vaccinated with the HPV vaccine,” offered NYS PTA President Lorey A. Zaman. “Families should discuss both the positives and possible side effects with their family physician.”

“While we support continued parent education, informed vaccination for certain child illnesses, and expansion of medical exemptions for students, we fully oppose adding the HPV vaccine to section 2164 of public health law, which discusses vaccinations needed for public school admittance,” added Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director. “While these bills have yet to move, we want to stress the importance of parent and family involvement in medical decisions involving children, and wholly oppose adding the HPV vaccine to the list of required vaccines for school attendance.”