NYS PTA Stands with McKinley High School
Supports Buffalo Students, Parents, Families and Educators

February 10, 2022 (Albany/Buffalo) –The NYS Congress of Parents and Teachers, Inc. (NYS
PTA) is honored to represent the families of our 2.6 million school children and our nearly
250,000 members. It is our mission to Shine a Light on Every Child with One Voice.
“As parents, our hearts go out to the families of the injured student and security guard, and to all
of the students and staff affected. We are here to help in any way, and offer our support to our
PTA in Buffalo and to all parent and family organizations,” offered Dana Platin, NYS PTA
President. “Please know that the entire PTA community is here to support and offer any
resources to students, educators and families from the McKinley High School community.”
“We ask that all our members send thoughts and prayers to those injured, and those impacted by
this senseless act of violence,” added Kyle Belokopitsky, NYS PTA Executive Director. “We
have offered our assistance and support to our Buffalo parents and families, and have reached out
to state leaders – we will help in any way we can.”
“The news of yesterday’s violent incident was alarming and frightening. As a Buffalo parent and
grandparent, with a grandchild at McKinley High School, please keep our community in your
continued prayers,” offered Ina Ferguson, NYS PTA Buffalo Outreach Consultant.
As always, NYS PTA stands ready to work collaboratively to support ALL students, educators,
schools, and families.