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National PTA awarded seven Outstanding Interpretation Awards, NYS won three of them. Check out their work!

Sonia Singh, Middle School, Acadia PTA, Northeastern Region
Award of Outstanding Interpretation: Music Composition
Title: “Rainbow”
Artist Statement: “My composition, Rainbow, relates to the theme “I Will Change The World By…” through spreading the message that we can build a better tomorrow. The recent times have been very trying and there has been very little light in the world. Through my uplifting songs, I will help people see that there is always a way to make their lives brighter. Even if things seem bleak, we can bring out the light from inside us and together make a rainbow for everyone.”

Arsal Shaur, Intermediate, Country Parkway PTA, Western Region
Award of Outstanding Interpretation: Photography
Title: “I Can Change the World by Enlightening Others with Knowledge”
Artist Statement: “The book in the photograph represents the knowledge, and the brightness in the background shows the light which knowledge brings in our lives. I am grateful that I have the opportunity to get education. There are many children in the world who cannot get and afford to have basic education. I can change the world by spreading the knowledge. I can raise the voice so that every child in the world can have the basic education at least.”

Jasmine Roldan, High School, Hicksville Senior HS PTSA, Nassau Region
Award of Outstanding Interpretation: Visual Arts
Title: “Say Their Names”
Artist Statement: “As a colored female of America living in such corrupt times I hope to change the world by advocating for civil rights. All the people displayed on this piece have been subject to unjust violence leading to their deaths. Their names written within the word “EQUALITY” correspond to their faces. Some of them were grandmothers to their grandchildren, track stars, or as young as 10 years old. Say their names. By doing just that, you too can change the world.”