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Bring bullying prevention and Holocaust lessons to life with guest speakers’ personal testimony

Are you looking for bullying prevention programming that builds empathy, tolerance, and engagement in your students? Are your ELA and Social Studies teachers seeking opportunities to bring their lessons to life? 

Our free WEDU (We Educate) guest speakers will visit your middle and high school classrooms and community settings – in-person or virtually – to compellingly share their family stories of surviving the Holocaust. 

3GNY is an educational non-profit that brings together “3G”s – third-generation descendants of Holocaust survivors – to educate diverse communities about the perils of intolerance. Our WEDU speakers are:

As grandchildren of survivors, our speakers make personal connections with students that leave a lasting impact. Contact us today to book your presentation for the 2021-22 school year! 

About our Presentations

Our volunteers look forward to speaking in your school – whether in-person or virtually. Each 30-40 minute session includes a 20-minute presentation, followed by 10-20 minutes for Q&A with students. The powerful feedback we continually receive from teachers and students affirms that even in this short time, we make an impact in their educational experience and leave a lasting impression.

“When you hear real stories from real people it really drives the message home. They will not forget what they learned.” – NYC Middle School Teacher

The Impact of Holocaust Education 

Studies show that Holocaust education not only increases students’ historical knowledge, but also develops students’ empathy, acceptance of diverse viewpoints, and willingness to challenge intolerant behavior in others.1 Survivor testimony enhances the positive outcomes of Holocaust education. As the population of Holocaust survivors declines, our speakers take on the responsibility of keeping their stories and personal testimonies alive.

Book a Speaker

Email us or complete this form to reserve your speaker today! 

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Dave Reckess
Executive Director
3GNY – Descendants of Holocaust Survivors

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3GNY is an educational non-profit organization founded by grandchildren of Holocaust survivors. As a living link, we preserve the legacies and the lessons of the Holocaust.  Our mission is to educate diverse communities about the perils of intolerance and to provide a supportive forum for the descendants of survivors.