All American Sportswear
Please join us in a live zoom Q&A session to find out more about how All American Sportswear can work with your PTA. The zoom schedule is as follows:

Saturday, November 14 – 12:00 noon to 1:30 p.m. – Click this link to join:

 Sunday, November 15 – 11:15 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. – Click this link to join:

This is Alicia Miller. She represents Suffolk County. Her background in brand management helps her to stay
current with today’s trends, which will help you in driving sales for your fundraisers.

This is Dana Hickey. Dana lives in the Capital region of New York and is a Product Marketing Professional.
Her career was launched after receiving degrees from Siena College and her M.B.A. from Union College.
Dana is ready to help your fund-raisers be more successful than ever.

This is Donna Turilli. Donna is one of our representatives in Nassau County. She is an experienced professional, spending her career in business development. She will be able to help your organization meet its apparel needs.

This is Lisa Keaveny. Lisa represents Nassau County’s South Shore. Her background is as an apparel expert,
graduating from Fashion Institute of Technology and having a career in both fashion and promotional marketing. She is ready to help you achieve your goals and acquire some new swag for your students and parents!

This is Heather Murray. Heather is one of our representatives in Orange County. After raising her children, she embarked on a professional career that led to her owning her own insurance agency, which is a tremendous accomplishment.

This is Mary McPhail. In addition to being a great mom, Mary represents us in Suffolk County. She also has had
a distinguished career in marketing, working her way up to being the Marketing Director at a major mortgage
corporation. She is a valuable asset to her customers!

This is Rosemarie Murphy. She represents All American Sportswear in Orange County. After graduating from John Jay College in NYC, she briefly considered a career as a lawyer before deciding to work as a public
servant where she serves members of her community in an impactful way.

This is Rachel Deveney. Rachel represents All American Sportswear in the Syracuse area. She has dedicated her career to brand marketing and has extensive experience in the field, interacting with the public and learning how business can meet the needs of the public. She is eager to get to work helping your Syracuse area PTA!

NYS PTA Attendee Prize Word – SPORTS

As reminder, please input this Prize Word into the “Prize Submission Form” on the “Resources” Tab!