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We combine fitness, fundraising and leadership into a powerful program that raises funds for your campus and your students’ spirits!

Why do schools choose Apex?

1) Schools Profit More with Us:

  • Schools typically profit between 30-70% more using Apex compared to our competitors or in-house event fundraisers.
  • Over 98% collection rate.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: Corporate Gift Matching integrated into our site. The PTA or school keeps 100% of all corporate matches!

2) The Apex Difference:


  • Interactive leadership lessons performed live by the Apex athletes, all part of the world-class Apex Leadership/Character Program. Check out the Lesson Trailer for this year’s program, Apex As One!
  • Daily leadership wristbands for all students (regardless of participation in the fundraiser)  
  • Full service, hassle-free program – we do 95% of the work needed to execute the leadership program and fundraiser.
  • Students can participate in every aspect of the program (regardless of participation in the fundraiser)
  • Event day t-shirt is included for all students, for free (regardless of participation in the fundraiser).
  • T-shirts are also included for all staff for free.
  • We are locally owned and operated – it’s powerful to be able to tell parents that you use a local company for your major fundraiser.
  • We are not a large corporation with an out-of-state office and thousands of schools to manage.  We’re local franchise owners – our team is dedicated solely to your school for the duration of the program.
  • Our local Apex coaches are young men and women with a servant heart that have a background and passion for working with youth.
  • Dedicated Apex athletes at your school for the entire 2-week program.  The Apex team averages 300 hours of work and parent volunteers are only needed for the “fun stuff” – high-fiving the kids and helping on the event day!
  • Our athletes become part of the school family and we often hear from Principals and teachers that they wish Apex could stay on campus all year!
  • The coach’s primary focus on campus is the leadership program.  Their goal is to inspire and connect with students in a positive and engaging way by teaching real life character development lessons.  They also run the fundraiser from start to finish.    

3) Schools can choose their event:

  • Traditional Fun Run 
  • Obstacle Course for repeat schools
  • Apex REMIX (dance/fitness move event)
  • Now a new, fully virtual option, which has been tremendously successful!


What is the Apex impact?

1) Social Emotional Learning:

  • Program lessons change every year and are based on feedback from schools across the country.
  • PBIS based.
  • Individual lesson themes in 2020-21 and 2021-22 address what is on the minds of students, parents and teachers 
  • Apex As One – bringing everyone back together As One!
  • Principals comment that “this is exactly what our students needed!”
  • Our school surveys indicate an 82% improvement in student behavior and 99% of schools report reduction in recess issues.

2) Financial:

  • This is your major fundraiser – no need to nickel and dime your parents with too many small fundraisers.
  • Wide donor reach due to Apex’s Share Wizard online platform.
  • 70% of the funds raised come from extended family and friends across the country and only 30% come from immediate family.
  • We consistently raise more because of the type of program we run, the systems and processes in place, the investment we make in your school and the relationships we form.
  • Sponsors enter their pledges and pay online, eliminating the need of a post event collections process, and allowing you to collect more, faster!

3) Apex Gives Back:

Apex Leadership Co. participates in a nonprofit give back each year.  We are currently partnering with Feeding America, a hunger relief organization with a nationwide network of food banks feeding the hungry.  For every student that reaches the $10 pledged per unit, we’ll make a donation on our dime that will help provide up to 20 meals for those in need.  We will continue this mission of community service with each school year and every dollar raised.

What do WNY Schools say about us?

  • I loved the daily character lessons! I think they helped keep the excitement going throughout the 2 weeks and were perfectly geared toward the audience. (Teacher)
  • My kids are loving it! It was a breeze to solicit donations & the prizes are appealing and of good quality. More importantly, the character lessons have been resonating with my middle schoolers (at least enough for them to come home & tell me about them.) I am impressed with the professionalism of this program. (HSA/parent)
  • Definitely exceeded my expectations. . . I just loved that it was an all-inclusive program that you come in and everything is done for you. Fundraising is our survival. 25% of our livelihood is based on fundraising so bringing in what it did was a huge help to fund the year. It’s unique that there’s a fundraiser that’s more about education and teaching than it is “here, go sell this cookie dough”. Why would you not do this? What is there to lose? (Principal)

To explore our offerings, visit to learn more about our elementary school, middle school, and club/organizational/team fundraisers.

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