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Welcome to the joy and connection of Dancing Classrooms!

Dancing Classrooms has been the leading dance education partner for NYC-Metro Area schools for 30 years, providing more dance instruction than any other organization. We take students on a journey of social-emotional growth through the practice of culturally rich and collaborative social dances like salsa, tango, swing, bhangra, bomba, hip hop and more. Our programs are known to have a transformative impact on students’ well-being and engagement in school.  

Our Mission:

Through the joyful art and practice of social dances, Dancing Classrooms cultivates engaged learners, collaborative leaders, and inclusive spaces.

Right now, students are facing many obstacles to their success in school and in life. School leaders need creative ways to support their students’ well-being so that they are ready to learn, grow, and thrive.

Dancing Classrooms is here to support students and school communities through joyful, social dance residencies and workshops, offered throughout NYC, Westchester, and Long Island.

It’s proven — hundreds of studies provide consistent evidence that social-emotional learning (SEL) and physical activity have a positive impact on students’ academic achievement. And it is well known that arts education, especially dance education, is one of the best pathways for SEL.

Why Dancing Classrooms?

As part of Dancing Classrooms students learn so much more than dance steps! Third party research has demonstrated that during Dancing Classrooms programs students foster collaboration skills, improve their confidence, experience increased motivation in school, build respect for themselves and their peers, and our program offers long-lasting positive effects on relationship skills.

Research showed 95% of students exercise greater engagement in school.

100% of responding teachers saw students became more self-confident or experience success at school in a new way.

For 30 years, we’ve built successful partnerships with school communities by bringing a collaborative and fun dance education experience to their students. In fact, more than half of our school partners have worked with us for at least ten years! We strive to create environments where every student feels connected, brave, and included. We invite ALL students in a grade to participate, and we translate our lessons for those with special learning needs.
Taught by diverse, professional Teaching Artists, our curriculum offers an evolving mix of in-school residencies and out-of-school programs for K-12th grade students, families, and teachers. Schools can engage in everything from an introduction to social and folk dances, to our signature high-impact 10 week ballroom program or more customized offerings for specific educational settings. Students foster collaboration skills, grow their confidence and build respect for themselves and their peers, preparing them to learn and lead in their communities.
In the face of academic and mental health challenges, including those brought on by the pandemic, students need support that helps them thrive. Bring the healing, joyful power of a Dancing Classrooms program to your school to enable students to succeed in class and thrive in their communities. Ready to dance? Schedule a call with us to learn more and sign up!