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The premier choice for school communities and athletic teams seeking training and professional development on a variety of wellness topics. We provide information and tools to inspire long-lasting change in the office, at school, and at home.

D&G Wellness School Offerings

Our programs empower your school community to proactively manage mental health, reduce stress, prevent burnout, and foster a culture of health and wellness!

Faculty/Staff Wellness

  • ‘What’s Got You Worried?’: Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Preventing Burnout: Strategies for Teacher Wellbeing
  • Nurturing The Nurturers: The Power of Teacher Self-Care

Training to support faculty/staff as they support the mental health and wellness of their students

  • Mental Health 101: What To Know About Your Students’ Mental Health
  • How to Have Tough Conversations
  • Our Favorite Classroom Wellness Interventions

Student Wellness

  • Managing Tough Emotions
  • Social Emotional Learning at School
  • Managing Stress and Anxiety
  • Substance Abuse Prevention
  • Eating Disorder Prevention
  • Implementing The Six Dimension of Wellness at Your School

Parent/Guardian Wellness

  • Mental Health 101: What To Know About Your Child’s Mental Health
  • How To Be Your Child’s Emotion Coach
  • Supporting The Emotional Lives of Girls
  • Mindful Parenting
  • Parenting in 2023
  • Taking Care of Your Own Mental Health and Wellbeing as a Parent

All School Wellness

  • Creating A Culture of Mental Health and Wellness
  • Implementing The Six Dimensions of Wellness At Your School
  • Creating A Trauma-Informed Care School/Classroom
  • Creating An Early Intervention Wellness Team

All trainings/professional developments specifically designed to meet the unique needs and concerns of your school community.

D&G Wellness Athletic Offerings

Our curriculum for athletes is designed as  an early intervention and prevention program. To support athletes, we use firsthand stories and experiences from former college athletes in addition to a  thorough curriculum backed by our higher education and licensing. We want to arm student- athletes, coaches and parents with the knowledge, power, and resources to support themselves in the classroom and on the field.


T.E.A.M. Program

Training and Education for Athletes about Mental Health  

Athletes: Athletes will participate in a series of 60-minute modules focusing on the importance of mental health in athletics. This program is facilitated for individual teams.

Module 1: Why Mental Health Matters in Athletics

Module 2: Creating a Positive Team Culture

Module 3: Identity Exploration

Module 4: Red Flags, Coping, and Resources  

Coaches: Coaches will participate in a single training for 60-minutes to understand:

  • the importance and connection to mental health in athletics
  • how to start the conversation and talk to their student-athletes about mental health
  • the role of the coach in supporting student-athletes’ mental health

Parents/Guardians: Parents/Guardians will participate in a single training for 60-minutes to understand:

  • the importance and connection to mental health in athletics
  • how to start the conversation with their child about mental health
  • how to seek trusted resources to support their student-athlete’s mental health


C.A.P. Program

Coaches, Athletes, Parents

Athletes: A 90-minute presentation titled Why Mental Health Matters in Athletics will be offered once per season to all fall, winter, or spring athletes within your school.

Coaches: A 60-minute coaches training titled How To Create a Culture That Supports Athletics will be offered once per season to all fall, winter, or spring coaches within your school.

Parents/Guardians: A 60-minute training titled How To Support Your Student Athlete will be offered to all fall, winter, or spring parents/guardians whose child participates in the training that season.


L.E.A.D. Program

Leading and Educating For Your Athletes’ Development

We offer a series of 60-minute modules for your school’s athletic department and coaching staff.

Module1: Why Mental Health Matters in Athletics

  • Understand why are athletes are susceptible to mental health conditions
  • Obtain information regarding mental health conditions that commonly pertain to athletes (ex. anxiety, depression, eating disorders and substance abuse)
  • Recognize red flags and warning signs

Module 2: Supporting Coaches Through a Wellness Approach

  • Understand the ever-changing role of a coach
  • Assess your own mental health
  • Learn skills for early intervention and prevention approaches to manage your own mental health

Module 3: Supporting Your Athletic Team Through a Wellness Approach

  • Coaches will be divided into smaller groups to practice early intervention and prevention skills related to:
    • How to have the difficult conversations about mental health
    • How to express concern and provide support for an athlete who may be struggling
    • Addressing an individual athlete versus addressing the entire team
    • Creating a healthy team culture (ex. language, tone, approach)
    • Supporting identity exploration outside of athletics
    • Active and reflective listening
    • Leading with vulnerability


S.M.A.R.T Start

Student Mental Health Awareness and Resources

We offer a 45-minute online program introducing why mental health matters for student-athletes.

The 45-minute online subscription program includes:

  • Educational videos
  • Personal stories from athletes
  • Warning signs for anxiety and depression
  • Healthy coping skills
  • Resources for support
  • Quizzes to ensure comprehension of the material
  • Certificate of completion

Leading Through Wellness

We offer a series of 60-minute modules focused on leadership for your student-athletes.

  • Module One: Exploring Leadership
    • Explore what leadership looks like in athletics
    • Discover your leadership style
  • Module Two: Connecting Leadership to Mental Health and Wellness
    • ○ Learn about why mental health matters in athletics
    • ○ Identify common mental health struggles among athletes
    • ○ Obtain mental health and wellness resources on- and off- campus
  • Module Three: Leading Your Team With a Wellness Approach
    • ○ Develop leadership, communication, and mentoring skills
    • ○ Discover how to identify and live your values
    • ○ Practice skill-based learning through case studies and roleplay scenarios


Ongoing Consultation

In addition to these services, D&G consultants can be available to:

  • assist with crisis intervention
  • debrief on difficult situations
  • facilitate continuing education
  • review material previously presented
  • facilitate team building opportunities

Meet Danielle Vallas founder of D&G Wellness

Danielle is a licensed mental health counselor in private practice specializing in teenagers and young adults, after spending 16-years working in a school as the Director of Wellness, teacher, coach, and school counselor. In addition, Danielle is a trauma-informed yoga instructor, graduate school professor,and  mindfulness teacher.  Danielle founded D&G Wellness in 2020 to help support the needs of other school communities and athletic teams on mental health and wellness topics.



Jennifer Sherman

Director of Marketing

Magnus Health

As a marketing team driven by industry-relevant content, working with D&G Wellness is the easiest investment we’ve made. Not only do they provide our market with extremely valuable information regarding student mental health, but they take all the burden off our team and show up with A+ webinar content. All we have to do is get people there! Aside from their quality of content, their communication and willingness to jump in and support our goals are invaluable to our team. We’re looking forward to working with D&G Wellness for years to come.


Elizabeth Maglio

Director of Professional Learning

Southern Accreditation of Independent Schools

Thoughtful, perceptive, and personalized are just a few words that come to mind when describing the supportive approach D&G Wellness takes when partnering with an organization. The team takes the time to truly understand the specific mental health and wellness needs of an audience, allowing time to provide personalized solutions and support.

Through keynotes and webinars, D&G Wellness consistently delivers high-quality presentations that leave a lasting impact on the participants. The presentations are engaging, informative, and well-researched. D&G Wellness consistently demonstrates a commitment to excellence and a genuine desire to make a positive difference in the lives of school leaders and students. Choosing to partner with D&G Wellness is a decision that will undoubtedly lead to positive transformation and growth within your organization or school community.


Mark Veronica, Ph.D.

Canisius High School

An important function of our association is to provide members with opportunities for professional development. School counselors are busy managing large caseloads and often experience compassion fatigue, so we need to manage our own stress to be able to help others. We invited Danielle to talk about mindfulness and self-care. Her presentation last year was so popular that we invited Danielle to do an encore. Even more counselors participated in this year’s event, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Throughout their lively and informative presentation, we learned quick and practical tips and techniques – things we can do at school and at home to be more mindful and focused. We learned prevention and intervention techniques to help us get through our day – so we can then help others get through their day. Danielle and her team are knowledgeable with great chemistry and coordination. We are grateful for their presentation and we highly recommend D&G Wellness!


Heather Cherry

Content Manager

Independent School Management

We greatly appreciated working with D&G Wellness to support our audience with up-to-date mental health and wellness trends. The team was always willing to tailor their content depending on our needs. Their presentation style is conversational and engaging–they make you feel like you’re sitting in the same room even though they presented on Zoom. Overall, I would highly recommend collaborating with D&G Wellness if you’re looking for approachable presenters who deliver information in digestible nuggets.


Julianne Lewis, Director of College and Life Counseling

New York State School Counselor of the Year 2023

The Park School of Buffalo

Working with D&G Wellness Consulting, LLC was extremely beneficial for my students. Their interactive presentations and expertise helped provide my students with the tools to recognize the importance of their mental health and mental health awareness in general. I am excited to continue the partnership with D&G Wellness in the future to help teach my students about the importance of mental health.”

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