How can PTA leaders learn about their student body and school community?

To best serve all students, PTA leaders can begin by becoming familiar with their school’s and community’s demographic makeup.

The link below to NY State Education Department can be a good start to learning about your school’s and district’s student body.

These enrollment data are collected as part of NYSED’s Student Information Repository System (SIRS). These counts are as of “BEDS Day” which is typically the first Wednesday in October.  Available are enrollment counts by various demographics for the school year prior.

Searching for your school specifically provides useful student and school data including information such as total number of students, enrollment data by gender, ethnicity, disabilities, economic disadvantage, English Language Learners, migrants, homeless, foster care, etc.

To access additional specific data you may request such information from the school or district administration.  Examples:  How many students need wheelchair access?  Do any children have a known food or other allergy?  Due to student privacy, only general information should be sought or provided not including any specific student identifying information.