Room/grade level representatives

This is a popular PTA program because it provides many opportunities for meaningful service to the children, parents and school.

Room/grade level representatives are a link between the local PTA  and the school. Their major responsibilities are to bring members into closer contact with the school, to work with both the school staff and parents to promote the work of the PTA, and to assist with membership promotion. They need a thorough understanding of PTA and its purposes and policies.

The representatives are selected by the PTA president and the executive board or committee chair, or by a process described in the unit’s standing rules. Representatives should be selected early enough to give them time for orientation.

Unless otherwise specified in the bylaws, representatives function as a committee, with the chair representing them on the executive board. Funds for their work should be provided in the PTA budget.

Suggested activities

Class lists

Schools sometimes provide PTA with a list of the parents of students in each class in the school. These lists help the PTA to contact parents about meetings and other school information, and develop emergency contact lists. The use of class lists is a privilege. They are not to be used for any purposes other than official PTA or school business. They are not to be shared with any other group.