Highest Statewide Membership Growth 2019-2020

Our Avon PTA is thrilled to be recognized in this way by the NYS PTA! I joined the PTA about 3-4 years ago when my daughter had entered elementary school and the board at that time really had wonderful things happening.

Richelle Ford, Jaime Lovullo, Ashleigh Voros and I worked as board members for a few years listening to our community – their wants and their dislikes. In the past, we were able to maintain fundraisers that worked and were enjoyable for the majority of members. The last two years we transitioned to finding new and fresh ideas and were relieved to go through old paperwork from Avon PTA past. That allowed us to walk into this new school year with our new Treasurer, Lisa Lane, with new and exciting ideas that hadn’t been used in years, as well as some original events. Sadly, much of what we planned was cut short due to COVID-19, but we really got the ball rolling and built up excitement and involvement from our community which we are enthusiastic to carry on with many new board members going into this new school year.

Finding members via word of mouth has always been successful for us. We typically create a brochure that goes out at the beginning of the year outlining events to come and encouraging participation. We always have a table at open house to share what we do in hopes of gaining more members. Sharing our events and news on our Avon Braves PTA Facebook group has allowed us to reach more people than ever before and keep them encouraged and in the loop with what we are doing. We have welcomed much activity over the years as a result.


Link to September Newsletter.