Creating an exceptional movie experience is easier and more economical than you might think. Licensing from Swank Movie Licensing USA saves time and money while providing peace of mind that you’re following copyright law.

NYS PTA Units receive exclusive discounts!

Make the investment upfront so you can have fantastic movie nights, fantastic family engagement events, and roll out all of the possible movies to your teachers and school building professionals.

Did you know you need a license?

Showing movies in your school for non-teaching activities without a license is against the law. The good news is an Annual Public Performance Site License from Movie Licensing USA grants copyright protection to show movies anywhere, anytime in your buildings.

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Bring everyone together for some good old-fashioned family bonding. Movie events help parents connect with students and staff.


When the weather is less than ideal, movies can save the day. Check out our fun ideas for when Mother Nature has other plans.


Did you know you can use movies to recoup the cost of your license? Here are some of our favorite movie fundraising ideas.

Programming with Movies

Discover creative, social distance-friendly ways for using movie programming to keep students engaged.


Move with Movies

Movies are a great way to engage students, and you can easily turn it into a game to keep their minds and bodies moving!

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