It’s safe. It’s fun. It gets kids moving. Tennis provides excellent cardiovascular exercise, helps develop problem-solving skills and builds self-discipline. Now, bringing the sport to your child’s school is easier than ever. No tennis courts are required! P.E. teachers can teach the game in any flat indoor or outdoor space, with equipment specifically modified for children. Rally to get tennis in your child’s school. We’ll help you every step of the way! Email to get started. 

Tennis offers incredible benefits* to kids, including:

Good Grades

Tennis requires alertness and tactical thinking, which may generate new connections between nerves in the brain, promoting a lifetime of continued brain development. 48% of youth tennis players have an “A” average and spend more time studying.

Problem Solving

Tennis players use geometry and physics principles to evaluate angles to get the best result. This application of knowledge improves problem-solving off the court.

Physical Health 

Kids who play tennis are less likely to be overweight. They are more likely to gain physical skills that can keep them active for a lifetime.


Tennis players exhibit higher self-esteem and optimism than other athletes or non-athletes. Tennis players show lower tension, anger, and depression, too.

*According to the Tennis Industry Association (TIA) 2018 Tennis Participation Study.

Mental Health

A 2016 study showed playing tennis once a week decreases depression and anxiety symptoms and enhances well-being in healthy young people.

The USTA Eastern Section, based in White Plains, N.Y., is a not-for-profit community service organization whose mission is to promote and develop the growth of tennis. The section encompasses all of New York State, Northern New Jersey and Greenwich, Conn. It is one of 17 geographic sections of the United States Tennis Association, the governing body of tennis.

Free equipment is available for your school’s teachers

We give teachers everything they need to start and maintain tennis in a physical education class, including a free equipment starter kit with racquets, balls, rolls of tape, chalk and a large roller bag. We also provide free in-person training, and free digital versions of Net Generation School Tennis curriculum created by the USTA and SHAPE America to help build lessons and continue education. Your school is leaving resources on the table if they don’t know about these incredible offerings!

Tips and activities to keep your kids active at home with Net Generation

The USTA and Net Generation are here to help you keep your children active. Because even when kids aren’t in school, there are plenty of ways to stay engaged while nurturing creativity and a love for learning. Here you’ll find tennis tips and fun activities to keep everyone in the family active and occupied, along with tennis-themed educational content from the USTA Foundation’s Academic Creative Engagement (A.C.E.) Curriculum. It’s all designed to make sure the learning—and the fun—doesn’t have to stop.


Youth Tennis

Tennis is easy to learn and tailored for all ages and abilities, giving kids a game that will help them build friendships and learn skills they’ll use for life. The USTA offers 18- and-under youth tennis programs and support from clinics to playing on a tennis team to competitive junior tournaments. Whether you are a beginner or a high school star, The Next Generation of Greats are in Net Generation – Official Youth Tennis of the USTA.

Youth Programs include: