VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts Provide Live Video Chat with Vetted College Undergrads.

How do you really know if a particular college or university is right for you?

One of the most effective ways to start is with a conversation with an undergrad who’s currently attending the school.  And that’s what VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts provide for parents, students, and educators – honest conversation for answers to all the questions that you really want to know.

VIDSIG’s College Experience Experts are current undergrads representing 160+ colleges and universities across the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia.

All experts are vetted through an extensive process to make sure they are aligned with our integrity-based platform. High school students (and parents) can have meaningful and live, one-to-one conversations with our undergrads at colleges and universities to help determine whether a school is a perfect fit – before they make their decision.

VIDSIG has partnered with the New York State PTA and its 300,000 members to offer this insightful service to provide honest answers to questions from students and parents across the state to help make the challenging college process easier through ten-minute, live one to one video chat on or through our new app.

Meet some of VIDSIG’S hundreds of College Experience Experts:

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Want to see what it’s like?  Here are some clips from recent live video chat sessions:

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