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In-Person Workshops:

102 How to Host a Legislation Event: Open the Door to Advocacy
103 MemberHub Store Selling, Fulfilling, Accounting
104 Current Perspectives in PTA Service in Urban and Rural Communities
105 Virtual Member Drives & Tools Workshop
107 Teacher Talk Building Relationships Through Effective Communication
204 Memberhub Communications 2021 Newsletters
205 Today’s PTA Representing the Diversity of Your School and Community
301 Conflict and Resolutions
304 Stages of Transition in Special Education Different Needs for Different Ages
Special Education in the New Norm 2021 and Beyond

Virtual Workshops:

A1 The Membership Playbook
A2 Interpreting Your Region Bylaws for Region Board Members
B1 A Focus on Student Mental Health A Meaningful Conversation Between School Counselors and Families

B2 Interpreting Your Unit & Council Bylaws
C1 Bylaws and Procedure Workshop
C2 Don’t’ Blow a Gasket The Art of Delegation and Time Management
D1 Welcome Back to the Live and In Person World
D2 Change an Opportunity for Growth
F1 Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion
E1 How to Have Fun with your Arts and Literacy Programs!
E2 A is for Audit

Partners On Demand:

Insurance Webinar with AIM and NYS PTA
Change Maker Initiative Webinar
E-Cigarettes and the Youth Vaping Epidemic- PAVe
Swank: Partner on Demand
NYS PTA and Girls with Impact webinar
Ways to Maximize your Spirit Wear Offering with K-12 Clothing and NYS PTA
NYS PTA and Right Reasons Technologies
NYS PTA with Armoured One Part 1
NYS PTA with Armoured One Part 2
NYS PTA Conversation with EF Tours
NYS PTA and Funds2Orgs
A conversation with HMH
NYS PTA Math & Movement 30 Min Webinar
FC Yearbook Partner on Demand
How to Engage Families and Boost Membership Strategies for the 3rd Pandemic School Year
Gaming & Gambling What this blurred line means for your teens
NYS PTA and LifeVac
K12 NYS PTA Convention 2021
LightSail Intro
LightSail Tour
Fireside Chat- Learning Ovations
The Science of Reading in Practice Presentation – Learning Ovations