Membership Toolkit

Membership Theme for 2017-2018

We hope units and regions will embrace the new theme and logo and include it on posters and handouts.

The purpose of the new logo and theme is to reflect, embrace and unite in our diversity. With each membership eCard comes a voice and the ability to “Impact Tomorrow, Join Today – NYS PTA Members Leading the Way”

This eCard shows that you have made a commitment and that you embrace the opportunity to advocate for all children. You are not alone in the endeavor to be a part of change so support your PTA today!

Membership Logo (small size, white background)

Membership Logo (large size, transparent background)

Membership Logo (Spanish) coming soon…

Please check back often for additional resources!

Dues Payment Form (PDF)  – Send with monthly membership dues payments

“NEW” Your PTA Membership = Our Advocacy Voice for Children Infographic

“NEW” Membership Myths Infographic 

Why PTA? Top Reasons Members Make a Difference (PDF)

Membership Ideas flyer (PDF)

101 Ways to Increase PTA Membership brochure (PDF)

Membership Enrollment Form Template (Word – English)

Membership Enrollment Form Template (Word – Spanish)

Sample Parent Letter (Word)

Sample Teacher Letter (Word)

Male Engagement Membership Recruitment Flyer (PDF)

Youth (Student) Membership Flyer (PDF)

Business Sponsorship Certificate Template (Word)
Business Sponsorship Procedures – Sample (PDF)

Why PTA? flyer (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Spanish] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Simplified Chinese] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Traditional Chinese] (Word)

Why PTA? flyer [Fancy Chinese] (Word)

Why PTSA? flyer (Word)

Why SEPTA? flyer (Word)

Unit Portal Step by Step How to Videos