Summer Leadership Conference (known as SLC) is an annual event designed to provide training and programs to all local PTA members, helping them to establish grass-roots advocacy in their schools and preparing them to be key leaders in their education community.

Due to COVID19, Summer Leadership Conference was re-imagined to a one-day virtual conference, Summer Training Camp (STC), held on August 1, 2020.

We offered seven workshop strands, each strand with three different topics, and concluded with a Mental Health Panel. Presentations for all workshops can be found below. The recorded presentations are being added daily. Please check back if a recording is not yet available.


MemberHub Basics for Units – Presenter: Dania Welch, Membership/Insurance Manager
Welcome to MemberHub! Learn about entering members and managing hubs for member communications. – Recorded Presentation –

Meet Your Region Membership Chair – Presenter: Mary Sotomayor, NYS PTA Membership Coordinator
Membership is everyone’s job! Meet your RMC-Region Membership Chair and our state membership team. We will share the exciting plans we have to support this year’s membership drive! – Recorded Presentation –

Men – PTA Your Way! Presenter: Kevin Lundell, NYS PTA Male Engagement Specialist
What are some ways to increase the male membership in your unit? Join us as we explore specific strategies to encourage men to become PTA volunteers and leaders. – Recorded Presentation –


Building a Successful Team – Presenter: Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA Immediate Past President
Who is on your board and what style do they bring to the table? All styles are needed to work well together. Identify ways you can build an effective and highly functional team. – Handout – Recorded Presentation –

The Ethics and Ideals of PTA Leadership – Presenter: Jane Harsha, NYS PTA 1st Vice President, and Antoinette Darden-Cintron, NYS PTA Vice President
The choices and actions of leaders shape their organization. Ethical lapses can tarnish the reputation and influence of leaders and entire units. Learn how to avoid missteps and practice an inclusive, ethical form of leadership that’s faithful to PTA’s unique mission and ideals.

The Power of PTA Mentoring – Presenters: Lorey A. Zaman, NYS PTA President, Gracemarie Rozea, NYS PTA Immediate Past President, and Bonnie Russell, NYS PTA Volunteer Development Mentor
Leading by example, training your successor, helping volunteers realize their full potential – these PTA traditions are all aspects of mentoring, where an experienced person trains, supports, and guides another person to success. Mentoring volunteers is essential to leadership development and member retention in any organization. This workshop explores the power of multi-faceted PTA mentorship through formal mentoring programs; the informal mentoring of job-related training; the yearly cycle of leadership from election/appointment through transition; and capacity-building for all unit members/volunteers.


Honoring Our Members – Presenters: Kelly Howe, NYS PTA Programs Coordinator, and Bevin Llanes, NYS PTA Awards Specialist
Do you know someone who is dedicated, passionate, and deserves to be honored? Many types of PTA Awards are available for students, and leaders. Learn how to honor these individuals. – Recorded Presentation –

Running a Reflections Program with the 2020-21 Theme: I Matter Because… – Presenter: Kelly Howe, NYS PTA Programs Coordinator, and Jensuh McCormack, NYS PTA Arts Specialist
The Arts are an important aspect of education. The National PTA Reflections Program welcomes students of all grades and abilities to explore and be involved in the arts. We will show you how to encourage your community to imagine, create and celebrate the arts with a Reflections program! – Recorded Presentation –

Fostering the Love of Reading with a Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) Program – Presented by: Paige Pye, NYS PTA Literacy Specialist
The Pick a Reading Partner (PARP) program asks a partner to read with a child for at least 20 minutes daily to convey the idea that reading can be fun as well as informative. Learn how your unit or community can conduct a successful PARP program. – Recorded Presentation –


Hot Topics in Schools – Presenter: Kyle Belokopitsky, Executive Director
Together we will explore hot topics facing schools in this interactive workshop. We’ll include: COVID19 and reopening schools, mental health, marijuana, vaping, and more! – Recorded Presentation

Why SEPTA? – Presenter: Lissa Zukoff, NYS PTA Special Education Specialist, and Kim Blasiak, NYS PTA Outreach Coordinator
This workshop discusses the role of Special Education PTAs and why they are so valuable. Attendees will be given tips on increasing attendance at events, growing membership, and the steps needed to start a unit. Presenters provide information useful for existing or prospective SEPTA leaders, Special Education Committee Chairs, and concerned parents. No PowerPoint presentation available. – Recorded Presentation

Igniting a Passion for PTA Advocacy – Presenters: Patrice Rachlin, NYS PTA Resolutions Coordinator, and Sarah Henris, NYS PTA Legislation Coordinator
Unite with PTA leaders from all over this state and learn ways we can use our voice in today’s world to compete for change on matters affecting the education and well-being of every child. Learn to embrace advocacy in the hope of promoting health, quality education, and a sense of equity for every child. – Recorded Presentation


Your Unit Budget – From Start to Finish – Presenter: Patty Frazier, NYS PTA Treasurer
We will cover drafting, approving and amending your unit’s budget. Financial reports, reconciliations and the audit will also be discussed. – Recorded Presentation –

Financial Fundamentals for MemberHub – Presenter: Patty Frazier, NYS PTA Treasurer, and Sonya Verrillo, Genesee Valley Region Director
We will demonstrate how to use MemberHub for membership transactions and managing your PTA store. –Recorded Presentation –

Treasurer Topics – Presenters: Patty Frazier, NYS PTA Treasurer
The buck starts and stops here! We will discuss a variety of issues that treasurers and units face about their funds. Questions welcome! – Recorded Presentation –


How to Run an Effective Meeting – Presenters: Helen Hoffman, NYS PTA Secretary, and Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator
It is important for a presiding officer to know the correct procedures when chairing a meeting. Knowing how to run a meeting in ensures that all business is addressed and all members have the opportunity to participate. – Recorded Presentation

Nominations and Elections During the Pandemic – It’s a Mystery to Me – Presenter: Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator
We will take the “mystery” out of nominations and elections and give participants the information they need to go through the process from the election of the nominating committee to the election of the officers of the association. Have a a copy of your unit or council bylaws on hand for referral. Handout 1Handout 2Recorded Presentation

MemberHub Advanced – Beyond the Basics – Presented by: Sonya Verrillo, Genesee Valley Region Director
For experienced users who want to use MemberHub for more than Membership! Take advantage of hubs/groups, messaging, calendar reminders, signups and more, to engage parents and keep them informed. Great information for officers and others who coordinate programs/events; and for teachers who may use it for classroom communication. – Handout – – Recorded Presentation


How to Say Anything to Anyone – Presenters: Lorey A. Zaman, NYS PTA President, and Jane Harsha, NYS PTA 1st Vice President
99.99% of breakdowns with other people are predictable and preventable. Train people to treat you as they do, and you learn how to communicate with your board before you can strategically plan your goals. – Recorded Presentation –

Region Boardmanship – Presenters: Bonnie Russell, NYS PTA Volunteer Development Mentor; Pat Assortato, NYS PTA Field Support Coordinator; and Joan Wabnik, NYS PTA Field Support Coordinator
This workshop is open to region board members only. We will cover the basics of boardmanship. – Recorded Presentation –

Bylaws for Region Chairs and Region Directors – Presented by: Jacqueline Wilson, NYS PTA Bylaws Coordinator
This workshop is for Region Bylaws Chairs and Region Directors. We will address the process of review and approval of unit, council and region bylaws. – Recorded Presentation –

Mental Health

Mental Health Panel – Recorded Presentation –